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Rage has designed a broadhead specifically for turkey hunters that will eliminate the problem of a flopping-then-fleeing gobbler following an otherwise fast and deadly pass-through. The Rage Turkey X-treme broadhead features a cut-on-contact tip with a pair of massive “Meat Hooks” to inflict maximum lethal damage, all while slowing the arrow enough to anchor the bird. This Turkey X-treme Broadhead combines a gigantic 2 1/8-inch-cutting-diameter, two-blade Slip-Cam broadhead with the “Meat-Hook” Tip to stop a turkey dead in its tracks.

This Rage Turkey X-treme broadhead features a pair of surgically ground, .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades that produce an initial slap-cut entry hole of nearly 3 inches, and while the Meat-Hook Tip has a 9/16-cutting diameter in its own right, a pair of blunt notches on each side of the tip were designed to slow the arrow as quickly as possible upon impact to potentially impair one or both wings for a faster, safer kill.

The 100-grain Rage Turkey X-treme Broadhead also features an extremely aerodynamic, precision-machined and anodized aluminum ferrule paired with the proprietary Rage SHOCK COLLAR™ for optimum blade retention and consistently reliable blade deployment. The 100-gr. weight on this broadhead offers archers the ability to change broadheads with little, if any, adjustment to their bow setup between seasons.

***Intended for turkeys only.

SKU: R43000 | UPC: 818322011877


  • 2 Blade Broadhead
  • 100 Grain
  • “Meat Hook” Cut-on-Contact Tip
  • Anodized Aluminum Ferrule
  • .035 Blade Thickness
  • 0.75″ Fixed Cut-on-Contact Blade
  • 2.125″ Expandable Cut
  • X-treme Series SHOCK COLLAR™
  • Standard and High Energy SHOCK COLLAR™ Included
  • 2 per Package
  • Swept Back Blade Angle



This was my first expandable broadhead and my first turkey with a bow. The meat hooks definitely work, despite the power of my RX-7, this broadhead smashed the hip and stayed with the bird while he limped away only to expire in 34 yards.

Posted by Dan on May 22nd 2022

I'm extremely disappointed!!! Please read. I've purchased 3 pack of these heads. I'm a veteran bowhunter from Michigan and have 12 turkey bow kills to my experience. I've used many different broadheads over the years and these heads have out performed any that I've used in the past. But the big problem is, that you can't get replacement blades for them. And they are expensive I paid between $29 and $39 for each pack of two. And, can't get replacement blades!
Maybe they should be sold for $5 or $10 a pack.
Or, I have a better idea, make replacement blades for them. The best performing turkey broadhead on the entire market and you can't get replacement blades.
WOW! FERADYNE, market these broadheads so you can sell more of them and make replacement blades.

Posted by John Richey on May 26th 2021

I purchased these to use with my Ravin crossbow, which is 430 FPS. On youth turkey hunting day, with my 6 y/o daughter, we had a big Tom 14 yards and she hit it perfect. The Broadhead went in about an inch and was stopped by the meat hooks. The hooks grabbed feathers and quickly fell out, the turkey ran off. After an hour I was lucky enough to find the injured turkey and I dispatched it with a shotgun. Unfortunately taking a lot of the fun out of my daughters first hunt! Rage has some good products but they fell short with the turkey extreme. They should take them off the market because the only injured birds!

Posted by Jeremy on Apr 28th 2020

I tried your Turkey Extreme broadhead to increase my turkey kill chances vs other Broadheads. Usually when using a crossbow or bow, the turkey will run/fly away and then I will need to track it down and I have almost always found them but there is always that chance that you won’t. Wow! I cannot express how crazy great these Broadheads work! My bird took two or three steps and literally keeled over. No flopping, running, twitching. It was done! It basically laid right there and expired. Oh yeah these are my go to Broadheads from now on. And you know what else??? That Broadhead is perfectly fine! It punched through the turkey and had zero damage. Very wonderful product! Thank you!

Posted by Donna on Apr 19th 2020


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