2 Blade NC Cut on Contact

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Rage 2 Blade NC Cut on Contact

The Rage 2 Blade NC (No Collar) Cut on Contact broadhead is specifically engineered to deliver a powerful and efficient hunting experience by combining a large cutting diameter, sharp blades, and a cut-on-contact design. When the broadhead strikes the target, the blades open up to create a devastating wound channel. This design aims to increase the chance of a quick and clean kill by inflicting extensive damage on vital organs and blood vessels.

100 Grain SKU: R38900


  • Redesigned version of our Shock Collar™ broadheads
  • No collar blade retention
  • .039” Cut-on-contact tip
  • 2 Blade design with .035” thick stainless steel blades
  • 2” cut
  • Anodized aluminum ferrule


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