Bowfishing Strategies

I remember my first day bowfishing like it was yesterday. I went with a friend who had plenty of experience on the water, and he quickly got us into a lot of common carp. The result, was plenty of shooting. I missed nearly every shot I took but finally connected on a nice 18-pound fish right at the end of our day-long session. It was a sun-lit summer day with the carp all hanging out in the cattails and reeds along the river shore in just two to three feet of water.    Read More...


Why Use Thermal Optics

Introduced at this year’s ATA and SHOT shows, Covert Optics new line of ThermX thermal optics made an instant splash.  But, their introduction came with a big question — why thermal?  It’s no secret that thermal optics continue to grow in popularity among firearms users for a variety of applications — from predator control to various types of night hunting.  But, how does that translate into archery, crossbow and small weapon applications?   Read More...


RM 415

We’ve all heard the saying at least a thousand times, “practice makes perfect”.  This is especially true in activities and sports where accuracy is critical to overall success.  Golf may be the most akin to archery/shooting where a tool assists in the accuracy of your shot, while only the slightest tweak in your form can dramatically change the results of your field accuracy.  To that end, having intimate familiarity with your equipment and building a consistent routine can establish major confidence along the way.  This can bring a much higher level of success to your time in the field when the moment of truth arrives.   Read More...


Scouting Cam

In this day and age there are a number of instances where that’s certainly the case, but every once in a while, there’s an exception to the rule. From vehicles to tech, products do come along that buck the trend. Such is the case with the Rocky Mountain RM415 as recognized in a recent article from Grandview Outdoors, Archery Business highlighting the price-point crossbow’s strong value-to-performance ratio. Read More...

Optimize your Scouting Camera Strategy For your Best Season

Scouting Cam

It can easily be argued that scouting cameras have become one of the most significant changes to how we approach hunting in the last two decades. In essence, they act as our eyes and ears in the places we can’t be, or don’t want to be, for fear of leaving too big a human footprint. This power is proven by recent motions to limit or eliminate their use in several western states, with other potential changes looming on the horizon. Read More...