Black Hole Crossbow

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Black Hole Crossbow offers crossbow hunters an economical, long lasting target that offers easy bolt removal and is suitable for both field points and broadheads, field point only on the wrapped sides, multiple aiming points on all 4 sides extend target life, light weight for portability, take anywhere.

Black Hole Crossbow
Size: 16″x16″x14″
SKU: B61212 | UPC: 702649612124


  • 4-sided shooting for longer life
  • Broadheads and field points on front and back
  • Polypropylene wrapped sides for field points only
  • Stops all 400fps+ crossbows
  • Aiming points on all 4 sides
  • Economical and durable
  • Lightweight for portability



Purchased this target new from Ebay. The target is lightweight and easy to transport. The carrying handle is so tight I can only get one finger under it. The target stops the bolts easily from my 400fps crossbow with on average 5" of bolt sticking out, but removal is rather difficult. There is no way to remove the bolt with one hand. It takes above average force with two hands to break the initial holding tension on the bolt before being able to pull it out.

Posted by Jason Stephens on Nov 20th 2021

Awesome. Stops bolts easily and easy to remove arrow. Surprisingly light compared to others this size. Makes it easy to carry around.

Posted by Jeff on Oct 19th 2021

I have never used a crossbow before, thus the XB respective target as well. I knew it would be tighter to stop the faster arrows. i was surprised that at 20, 30 & 40 yards the arrows still went almost through. However, the arrows came out the backside just fine with some effort. more than the normal Black Hole target but not a tug of war.

Posted by Matt Johnson on Sep 7th 2021

Ruined multiple bolts out to 50 yards. Fletchings wrinkled and torn away from shaft because they were penetrating through the target. Using a centerpoint patriot 415. Not happy with my purchase. I now have an oversized paperweight I cannot use.

Posted by Brandon C on Sep 6th 2020


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