D-Stroyer MX Hunter

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One Arrow, Two Spines for Twice the Accuracy, Durability, and Strength

The precision design of the D-Stroyer Mx Hunter delivers tighter tolerances than traditional carbon arrows to retain more speed and deliver unparalleled accuracy.  The front 2/3 features our patented BuffTuff arrow construction for extreme durability and quiet draw.  The back 1/3 features Diamond Weave to be proven stronger, stiffer, and lighter materials with industry leading 360 degree spine consistency.  Dual Spine Weight Forward technology delivers a heavier front for tighter groups & better penetration but also has twice the accuracy and unprecedented performance when compared to traditional single spine arrow construction. The patented 2 Spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% vs single spine and has TWICE THE ACCURACY!

300 12-pack shafts | SKU: 51146 | UPC: 044734511463
350 12-pack shafts | SKU: 51145 | UPC: 044734511456
400 12-pack shafts | SKU: 51144 | UPC: 044734511449
350 6-pack fletched | SKU: 51148 | UPC: 044734511487
400 6-pack fletched | SKU: 51147 | UPC: 044734511470


  • Dual Spine Weight Forward – Patented 2 Spine arrow shaft that reduces oscillation by 50% vs single spine and has TWICE THE ACCURACY
  • BuffTuff – Patented outer layer construction on the front 2/3 that provides the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish plus makes it easier to remove from targets.
  • Diamond Weave – Patented outer layer construction on the back 1/3 that provides ultimate stiffness and unparalleled spine technology.
  • BullDog Nock Collars – Exclusive feature made of aircraft grade aluminum designed to prevent rear impact damage
  • Laser Match Set – Pack sets are sorted & matched by spine and weight for best-in-class consistency.  Spine sorting tolerance +/- .0025” & Weight sorting tolerance +/- 1.0 grains
  • +/- .002 Real Straightness – Laser checked for straightness to remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch, our straightness standards are set as a max not an average like competitors.
  • Launchpad Precision Nocks – Controlled arrow release and integrated shaft alignment for more consistent accuracy.
  • Q2i Rapt-X 2” Vanes – 6pks fletched with either WHITE cock vane & 2 RED vanes or YELLOW cock vane & 2 RED vanes.  Online orders are unable to choose color option



Great arrows great price!

Posted by John Tutsch on Oct 1st 2022

Good Arrow. Glad I found the replacement to their Maximum Hunter.

Posted by Steve on Sep 23rd 2022

These arrows can take a beating! From 3D Target Competitions, back yard practice and Hunting, there arrows have never failed me.

Posted by Cory Sutton on Sep 16th 2022

Trying a half dozen D-Stroyer MX Hunter 350s as an outdoor 3D windy day arrow. Cut to 27" with a 100 grain point they came out to 382 grains, a bit light for hunting (IMO) but right in the ballpark I was looking for as a 3D arrow. They fly great out of both my Mathews (Vertix 55#@28" hunting bow, V3 31 53#@28" 3D bow). I tested them from 20 to 40 yards yesterday in a fairly brisk ND crosswind (as if there's any other type out here). They proved to be very, very accurate and were minimally affected by wind drift. Waiting on delivery of some Tank 23D 350 shafts to build an all around 3D arrow, and I strongly suspect if I build the Tanks to match overall weight they will duplicate POI with these D-Stroyers. If so, that will be a tough one-two punch to beat on the 3D course. Back in the 90s I was all in on Carbon Express arrows for both hunting & 3D (still shooting Terminator Lite Hunter 6075s for 3D), and I'm here to tell you, as soon as I figure out which CE arrow to use for hunting (leaning toward the D-Stroyer Pile Driver), I'll be all in again with Carbon Express and won't look at another make of arrow again...

Posted by Jon B. on Feb 15th 2022


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