3-Blade Crossbow Chisel Tip

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Borrowing some design cues from the popular original Rage 3-Blade, the Chisel SC and Chisel Crossbow have impressively strengthened ferrules and blades, improved blade geometry as well as steel chisel tips for devastating bone strikes.

The 3-Blade Chisel broadheads have an initial slap-cut potential of 2.125 inches, and the beefy .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades cam into their 1.6-inch final cutting diameter with sweptback blade angles for increased penetration. Both broadheads utilize a black polymer SHOCK COLLAR™ that provides both exceptional blade retention and consistently reliable blade deployment.

The 100-grain 3-Blade Chisel SC is easily distinguishable by its red anodized aluminum ferrule, and 100-grain 3-Blade Chisel Crossbow has an orange ferrule.

SKU: R60200 | UPC: 818322011891


  • 3 Blade Broadhead
  • 100 Grain
  • Steel Chisel Tip
  • Anodized Aluminum Ferrule
  • Tough, Razor Sharp .035″ Stainless Steel Blades
  • 1.6″ Expandable Cut
  • SHOCK COLLAR™ for Blade Retention
  • 3 per Package
  • Replacement Blades Available (R60105)



Awesome Broadhead

Posted by Henry H. on Oct 14th 2022

One of the most devastating broadheads I have ever shot. Flies so true and short track jobs.

Posted by Eric Dew on Nov 30th 2021

All I can say is complete devastation. We want fast, clean harvests and these are the ticket.

Posted by Eric Dew on Oct 21st 2021

We have been using the 3 blade the last few and I can say I am more than impressive. Pass thru and short track jobs. Highly recommend.

Posted by Eric Dew on Oct 11th 2021


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