GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target

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Use with your Compound, Crossbow & Longbow!

The GlenDel CROSSBOW Buck has a body size of a 200lb. live weight deer and offers 5 times the insert-shooting surface of comparable 3-D deer targets.  Fusing the internal layers to the inner target wall results in more uniform layer compression which, in turn, means easier arrow removal. And, easier arrow removal means less shooter fatigue, which means you’ll get more and better practice!  PolyFusion™ also results in longer target life. Because the layers are fused in place, they hold their position. Arrows find their way between layers. Previously, when an arrow hit a layer head-on, the layer would buckle. This resulted in layer damage that reduced target life.

SKU: G71010 | UPC: 702649710103

SKU: 1079 | UPC: 050301107908


  • Shoulder Height: Stands 34” at the shoulders
  • Total Height: 56”
  • Rack Size: 150” B&C antlers
  • Insert Size: 11” X 11” X 11”
  • Open Layered Polyfusion Technology
  • Easy Arrow Removal
  • Longer target life
  • Replaceable insert for longer target life
  • Stops ALL Broadheads & Field Tips



Customer service sucked, they told me they could not
Warranty the item because the wind is an act of God….It wasn’t a hurricane or tornado just normal high wind but still who expects that the almost $300 target would fall apart so quickly. The customer service was non-existent!!!!

Posted by Ronald Lentini on Oct 10th 2022

After purchasing this target; the very 1st session utilizing this target it failed at the front leg. The wind blew the target over & broke /bent beyond repair. The left side front leg folded over and now I cannot use the this overpriced target. I had another Glendale target with same leg form so I had to use an old leg to make it work. I had called the customer service dept. and the lady told me that they would not take the target back for a refund or replacement. That was just on me and my problem. I told the lady that it had to be a manufacturer defect. She said that returning it back to them was not an option. I asked if I could just buy a replacement leg or ship me one at no cost to me. She said NO that’s not going to happen!!! So disappointed in this Glendel target for my crossbow! A complete waste of money for this product. It does not work with only 3 legs!!

Posted by Ronald Lentini on Oct 10th 2022

Called Feradyne and the customer service lady told me it would probably not be covered under warranty because it may have gotten blown over by the wind and that I had left it outside in my fenced in backyard? I told her I had not even shot at the target yet!?! She sent me a link via email to attempt a warranty claim or return the dang $259 target. I had already thru the box away that target was shipped in. Totally unsatisfactory with this target….Thinking back I still have another one of the smaller Glendale targets that is basically in same condition. Think it’s just a poor design that you have to take your target in & out of the weather every time you use it!! I really just want to return the entire target. There are much better ones on the market & better price too!

Posted by Ronald Lentini on Mar 10th 2022

Its not the best target I have gotten will not buy again.

Posted by Tony on Sep 19th 2020


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