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BLOCK®, the most popular archery target on the market, introduces the BLOCK Infinity Crossbow. Built around a reputation of long-lasting durability the BLOCK® Infinity locks in a new level of extreme stopping power specifically designed for today’s high-energy crossbows and extended target life with exclusive construction and six-sided shooting.
Leveraging the proven stopping power of BLOCK’s PolyFusion™ Technology BLOCK Infinity Crossbow targets are constructed around a high-density layered-foam inner core encased with an exterior foam wall that delivers extreme stopping power and exceptional durability, while still offering easy bolt removal. This exclusive technology allows the exterior face to assist in slowing bolts, while letting them find a path between the internal layers to stop with friction and not force.
The six-sided exterior features six individual shooting faces with five unique designs strategically-placed to offset aiming areas for extended target life and maximum durability. Safe for use with field points and both fixed and expandable broadheads and guaranteed to stop standard diameter bolts up to 520 F.P.S.! Two versions are available; the BLOCK Infinity Crossbow 16 measuring 16”x16” and BLOCK Infinity Crossbow 20 measuring 20”x20”.

BLOCK INFINITY Crossbow Target comes in 2 different sizes:

BLOCK Infinity 16
Size: 16″x16″
SKU: B56800 | UPC: 702649902638

BLOCK Infinity 20
Size: 20″x20″
SKU: B56900 | UPC: 702649902645


  • PolyFusion™ layered technology
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Stops all field points and broadheads
  • 6-sided shooting
  • Multiple aiming points on all sides
  • Built in convenient carrying handle
  • Stops up to 520 FPS using standard diameter crossbow bolts



The best targets you could ask for! Designed to take on big impact even from the Pig!

Posted by Brian Quaca on Oct 24th 2022

I shoot a R29X that shoots 454 fps. This target can’t handle it, the fletchings get buried in the target and the field point comes through the other side. If you shoot near another entry hole, the bolt goes half way through the target…

Posted by Mark on Aug 21st 2022

I have a Tenpoint Seige chrono at 425fps. I bought this target and shot 4 bolts into it. Two buried up to the nocks and the other two are completely buried inside the target.

Posted by Ben Thomas on Dec 26th 2021

I’ve tried various targets and this is great.

Posted by Ken Johnson on Dec 15th 2021


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