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The Shooter Buck is a great alternative to high priced 3-D targets for the casual or serious hunter, and with a replaceable insert for longer target life, it is the perfect target for any backyard range.

SKU: G71600 | UPC: 702649716006


  • 48″ tall
  • Economical 3-D buck
  • Add Replaceable Inserts SKU: G71630
  • Perfect addition to any backyard range
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Stops all field points and broadheads



I’ve have 3 and they’ve held up to all kinds of weather, hundred of arrows and the price point is incredible.

Posted by Cory Sutton on Sep 16th 2022

This is one of the cheapest 3D deer targets on the market but don't let that fool you. I'm now on my second Shooter Buck in five years after putting hundreds of arrows through the first one.

To prolong the life of your target, I would suggest storing it indoors and transporting it as gently as possible because the area below the target block is thin and can break if handled roughly (hint: a bit of spray foam can fix that break, though).

This target is easy to position anywhere and in any position, including bedded, so it's the first target that gets loaded in the truck on any trip with a bow.

Posted by Kevin M. on Aug 29th 2022

First day I put this target up I shot it about 8 times.
Mathew’s V3 with 525 grain arrows shooting 265. Arrows were barely stopping. Only thing keeping them from going all the way through was the wooden fence 10” behind the target. This is not made for modern bows.

Posted by Jackson East on Jul 6th 2022

These targets are great! shipping was fast and I have them set up n the yard letting me practice on a realistic target. Love it!

Posted by Dave K on Mar 26th 2022


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