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Hypodermic Crossbow

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Hypo Xbow


Rage Hypodermic for Crossbows


  • 2 Blade Broadhead
  • 100 Grain or 125 Grain
  • Hybrid Tip
  • Stainless Steel Hypodermic Ferrule
  • .035" Blade Thickness
  • 2 " Cutting Diameter
  • High Energy Series SHOCK COLLAR™
  • 3 per Package
  • Replacement Blades Available (R39005)

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads, available in 100 and 125 grain configurations, were designed specifically for the crossbow archer and feature the same surgically sharp, .035-inch stainless-steel blades and a 2-inch cutting diameter with the unprecedented characteristics, penetration and durability that the Hypodermic is known for.

The Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads sport the popular hybrid tip that is sharp as a needle, allowing it to have the aerodynamics and accuracy of a leading-edge blade with the bone-crushing performance associated with a chisel tip. For optimum blade retention and consistent reliable deployment at all times, the Hypodermic Crossbow broadheads come equipped with the High-Energy-Series SHOCK COLLAR™ that matches the diameter of most crossbow bolts. 

100 Grain | SKU: R39600 | UPC: 818322011631
125 Grain | SKU: R39700 | UPC: 818322011648

7 Reviews

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    Crossbow Hypodermic

    Posted by Quinn Fleming on Nov 10th 2021

    Took my first whitetail buck with these. With this broad head and my carbon express piledrivers, I hit a double lung at 60 yard! I tried fixed blade Excalibur broadheads, Ramcats, and NAP mechanicals broadheads, and they all were either inaccurate, interfered with with my crossbows risers or opened prematurely. The extra strength shock collars worked magic to keep the broadheads tight. Massive wound channel, insane accuracy, and repeatable results!

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    The Proof is in the Results!

    Posted by Larry Newton on Oct 20th 2021

    I bought these for my first Pronghorn hunt earlier this month. Finally got a shot at one on the 4th (last) day. I couldn't get him t stop and I failed to lead him enough and shot farther back than I wanted. No problem, Shot him at 40 yds and he didn't go more than another 20 yds. This broadhead really did its job!!!

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    Super deadly

    Posted by John Wisener on Dec 14th 2019

    Shot a buck at last light. Went through the front leg bone and blew it apart!!! Easy tracking job as the blood trail was outrageous! Blades suffered some minor chips but otherwise are fully intact!!! It's a new age....shoot a Rage....

  • 5

    Posted by Don Biddulph on Dec 14th 2019

    Took two big bucks in two years,none went farther than 50 yds...just awesome.Wish we could post pictures.

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    Hypodermic broadhead

    Posted by Rodger on Oct 9th 2019

    Fantastic broadhead, you won't be disappointed. Flies just like a field point with instant penetration and pass through.

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    Perfect flight and Big Wound

    Posted by Brian Ellermets on Aug 15th 2019

    My kids and I have killed at least 5 deer with this exact broadhead. We are able to get perfect field tip like accuracy even when regular fixed blade broadhead will not fly straight from our setup. One deer was a gut shot and 1 a liver hit. both those deer with bad shots were easily recovered. I’ve never had a hypodermic be ruined from hitting a deer either. One got a chip in the blades but I was easily able to replace the blades.

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    Rage Broadhead

    Posted by Floyd Holland on Nov 4th 2018

    Most extreme broadheads I've ever used. Shot an 11 point drop tine Ohio deer at 15 yards, great blood trail and bolt and broadhead were recovered about 5 foot from passing through front shoulder and out other side