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The Carbon Express Flu Flu is the #1 choice for bird and small game hunters.  It’s carbon composite shaft offers excellent performance, strength, and durability for a variety of shooting situations.  Can be used from 35-75 lb. bows.

60-75 | SKU: 50501 | UPC: 044734505011
45-60 | SKU: 50502 | UPC: 044734505028


  • Great for Bird or Small Game Hunting
  • Ready to Hunt – Inserts are glued into the shaft.
  • Launchpad Precision Nocks – Controlled arrow release and integrated shaft alignment for more consistent accuracy.
  • 6 Oversized 4” Feathers



These flu flu arrows are amazing. They are straight flying and have that awesome feather sound!

Posted by Matt on Dec 17th 2019

These are so much fun! They’ll shoot out to about 90 yards, but are more suited for 20 yards for accuracy. I carry one with me while hunting and when you shoot these your arrow stays on top of the ground and you don’t have to go digging for it. Well worth the $15!

Posted by Kevin Jones on Aug 13th 2019

I shoot with traditional vintage recurve bows and shoot target. When I first started i found arrow dejection to be complicated and each manufacturer had so many choices / then there were the sizes and lengths. Well at a store near me they sold these flu flu series individually. I also found that i could very easily see where the arrow hit the target because if the wonderful large and bright feathers. Oh - and i could find them more easily when i completely missed the target. Since then i have used many different srroes but i keep coming back to flu flu and Carbon Express. They are durable / they are strong , fly consistently and aren’t garish - i like the simple black shaft. I also like that they don’t need to be cut - already have inserts inside and only come in two spine choices. So all in all they are perfect for me.

Posted by karl on Jun 28th 2019


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