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Muzzy Trocar 3-Blade Broadhead


  • 3-Blade Broadhead
  • Available in 100 grain
  • Trocar Tip
  • Solid Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .035" Thickness Right Helical SS Blades
  • 1 3/16” Cutting Diameter
  • 3 per pack
  • Replacement Blades Available (SKU: 308)

The Muzzy Trocar Broadheads feature a solid 1-piece SS ferrule and a right offset blade design for exceptional broadhead flight and consistency with right offset, right helical or straight fletching resulting in increased accuracy at longer range. The Trocar tip is known for bone breaking penetration, and the super short compact design for accurate flight and excellent entry and exit holes for increased blood loss and greater blood trails.

SKU: 290 | UPC: 050301290006

10 Reviews

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    Muzzy Trocar

    Posted by Jeromey Naugle on May 3rd 2021

    This is a great broadhead for any hunt! I have taken two bison with these broadheads and only needed one arrow both times. Excellent!

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    Muzzy Trocar 100grain fixed broadhead

    Posted by Strength and Durable put to the test on Oct 21st 2020

    To impressive not to share. We have a lot of problems with Hogs on our lease in Area 2. We have been hunting clearing them out. My husband made an impressive shot that I didn’t think could happen but there it is. He did a head shot with his CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow using Muzzy Trocar 100 grain broadhead on a Victory Decimator 20” arrow and lighted nock. The broadhead not only penetrated the hard skull of a sow. It had no damage but a slightly bent blade. That is it! Can’t wait to try more of this product line!!!

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    Posted by Brad Titus on Oct 20th 2020

    Best broadheads I’ve came across. Feradyne always provides every need.

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    Muzzy Trocar

    Posted by Jeromey on Oct 13th 2020

    Took down an Arizona Buffalo from 42 yards with one shot through both lungs. The arrow passed through like butter and the animal dropped after 20 yards and expired within 30 seconds. Scored a ram the following day and had the same exact story to tell. No need to ever try another broadhead!

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    Muzzy Broadheads

    Posted by Clyde Wiggins on Aug 12th 2019

    I’ve been shooting Muzzy broadheads for a long time. One thing I’ve come to rely on is the consistency to which they perform. One year I spines a buck very deep. I had to unscrew my arrow to pull it out. Later it took a saw and some loping shears to get my Muzzy back. Not a scratch. I always replace my blades after shooting a deer, but I could have sharpened these and used them again. I’ll never shoot anything else.

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    Muzzy Trocar 125

    Posted by Zfactoroutdoors on Aug 2nd 2019

    Will never shoot a different broadhead!

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    Posted by Dale K on Oct 23rd 2018

    Been bow unting for 32 yrs (Yep I'm old :)) I have used many different types of broadheads. Used Trocar last yr 1st time wow 25 yd shot almost straight on entered thru front chest exited behind ribs opposite side. All I can say is WoW. I have pics.

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    Muzzy Trocar

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 15th 2018

    On September 27th, 2018, I was able to harvest a nice doe with these. 20 yard shot, passed through both lungs and passed through heart. October, 13th, 2018. I shot a nice 10 pointer. I hit it a little lower than I wanted to, but Muzzy Trocar blasted through the shoulder blade and passed through his heart at 25 yards, I only pull 55 lbs. Great Broadhead!

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    Great broadhead

    Posted by Matt Showman on Sep 16th 2018

    Preparing for my first archery hunt EVER, I extensively researched broadheads for months. I purchased another broadhead actually (VPA-they fly great so this is not a knock on their broadheads), and after talking with another bowhunter decided to buy a pack of Trocars on a whim six days before opening day. They hit right behind my field points without any adjustments. Man do they hit hard! I had the opportunity to put it to use opening evening and dropped a buck in his tracks (WITH A WELL PLACED SHOT). Definitely give these broadheads a try. Not only are the Affordable, they are great quality.

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    Fixed Blade perfected

    Posted by PIGMAN on Aug 5th 2018

    You just can make a better fixed blade Flies like a field point at extreme distances Super SHARP out of the package Trocar is a winner And a big pig Destroyer