Why can’t I find practice blades for my Muzzy heads anymore?

Muzzy practice blades were discontinued in 2017 and are no longer available.

What is the difference between the MX series heads and the 6-pk, 3 and 4 blade heads?

The MX series heads have blades with .025” thickness. The 6-pk of 3 and 4 blade heads have .020” blades.

Can I sharpen my Muzzy broadheads?

Yes, you can opt to sharpen the fixed and expandable blades on your Muzzy broadheads, or you can purchase replacement blade kits for most heads.

What is the difference between the Trocar HB and the Trocar HB-Ti?

The Trocar HB has a stainless-steel ferrule and .035” blades, while the Trocar HB-Ti has a machined titanium ferrule and .039” expandable blades.

Can metal washers to add weight be purchased separately?


Which flies better a 3 blade or a 4 blade broadhead?

All of our broadheads are designed to fly very well and their are no noticeable differences in the flight or accuracy between the 2 styles. It is more of a personal preference, but the most important thing is to use helical fletching to spin and stabilize the broadhead in flight.

Do I need to align my blades & fletching?

It has been tested and proven to make no difference on the flight and consistency of broadheads, more important is that the broadhead spins true on the shaft and you use proper fletching.

Which Muzzy Broadhead should I use?

Our broadheads are available in many different styles and weights and all are suitable for use on any game encountered. Arrow setup, spine and desired overall arrow weight will determine what head is best for you and your setup. New, shorter and more compact heads are designed to limit blade surface area and produce more consistent flight at higher arrow speeds.

When traveling on an airline how should I transport my broadheads?

Whereas firearms and ammunition have to be separated in different baggage and kept apart, broadheads are treated the same as knives and as long as they are in your checked and locked baggage, there is no problem with carrying them. Of course you cannot carry them on in any situation but they can be brought along as checked baggage.

I do recommend taking them off your arrows and storing separately not only to protect the broadheads and blades from dulling but also to protect your other equipment in the case they are stored in. Baggage handlers are very rough with equipment and if a broadhead tipped arrow or loose broadhead was to get loose and move around inside a case or baggage it could cause some serious damage. You can store them in your bow case with your bow, but I do recommend leaving them off the arrows and packaged securely and separately from your arrows. It would probably be best to protect the edges of the blades to disassemble the heads and keep the blades in their own packaging as well, definitely do not want the blades loose and exposed for any reason. Just pack the heads with your knives and other equipment and check it in and you should be fine, but I am sure you will need to lock your case as well. Good luck and have a great hunt and look forward to hearing of your success!

What is better a Trocar Tip or a Leading Edge Broadhead?

Both styles have their merits, but nothing has been proven better for penetrating and breaking hard bone than a trocar tip. However, this style tip does require a little more energy on impact. For setups demanding maximum penetration or low energy setups, a leading edge design will deliver the maximum amount of penetration.

Can I resharpen my Muzzy Broadheads?

Although we recommend replacing blades after shooting them while hunting or for practice before hunting, all Muzzy blades can be resharpened as long as the edge is intact and not dinged or gouged significantly. We recommend using a pair of small forceps to hold the blade after removing it from the ferrule and most commercial sharpeners can be used with our blades. We do recommend always checking and touching up blades in the field as well, since contact with the quiver while taking them in and out can dull the edge. We recommend using our new Broadhead Sharpener Item # 375 for touch ups in the field and resharpening purposes plus it can be easily carried in your pocket or pack and doesn’t require you to remove the blades to sharpen them.

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