Practice Safe Archery

Muzzy is committed to safe archery. Archery/hunting requires a high level of skill and caution at all times to avoid personal injury, death, or property damage. Muzzy products should only be used by those trained in the proper use of bows and arrows or under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor. After loading an arrow into a bow, never point at any person or property. An arrow can be accidentally discharged and cause severe injury, death, or property damage. Never shoot an arrow without having full visual contact with the target and knowing what is behind the target. Always inspect your bow, arrows, and components prior to each use. Careless handling of arrows or components can result in severe injury. If an arrow has been damaged, or appears to be damaged, dispose of it immediately.

Never Attempt to Shoot a Damaged Arrow. Inspect Arrows for Damage Prior to Every Shot.

Impact with hard objects, other arrows, or being shot into a game animal can all cause damage. No list is all inclusive; there are many other conditions and situations that may cause damage, so it is crucial to your safety and the safety of those arounds you that all arrows and components (new or used) are inspected for possible damage. We recommend flexing each arrow and inspecting for any sign of cracks or splits before each use. Grasp the arrow between point and nock. Flex the arrow, away from you or others, along its length so as to deflect is approximately 1 to 2 inches in an arc and listen for cracking. Before shooting, run your fingertip along the entire arrow shaft length, feeling and looking for nicks, cracks, splits, dents, or other marks that could indicate any possible shaft damage. Never use an arrow with any sign of damage. A cracked or split arrow can suffer catasphroci failure upon release and cause severe injury to yourself and others in the area. Before each shot, ensure that the nock is fully seated against the string and that nock fits tightly into the shaft. Adherence to these recommended guidelines will reduce the possibility of injury and promote a safe and fun archery experience.


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