Trocar HB Closed

Trocar HB

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Muzzy Trocar HB


  • 4-Blade (2 fixed and 2 mechanical)
  • Available in 100
  • Chisel Tip
  • Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .035" thickness blades
  • 1 " Fixed Blade Cutting Diameter
  • 1 5/8" Expandable Cutting Diameter
  • 2 5/8" Total Cutting Diameter
  • Offset Fixed Blades to Induce Spin
  • 3 per pack

The Trocar HB and HBX both feature 0.035-inch-thick surgically sharp stainless steel mechanical blades that stay tucked in tight to the solid-steel ferrule in flight, but they deploy reliably with a 1 5/8” expandable cutting diameter. The fixed blades are also 0.035-inch thick and have a cutting diameter of 1”. They have an offset for increased accuracy and stability. The total cutting diameter of the HB and HBX is 2 5/8”. The Trocar HB and HBX feature a bone-crushing chisel tip.

100 Grain | SKU: 297 | UPC: 050301297005

2 Reviews

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    Great products

    Posted by Jack Spurrier on Oct 23rd 2021

    I have shot Muzzy brand broadheads from the day I started hunting. I started with the plain 3 blade 100 grain, went to the MX-4s ( I still have and use for turkey) and now the Trocar HB. This is the best broadhead brand on the market. I shot at a deer last weekend and used the wrong pin. I smacked a tree with the expandable blades and they didn't break off. Both are bent a little but still very usable as a backup. Thank you for making these awesome products

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    Broad Head

    Posted by Darren on Nov 11th 2018

    Love the broad heads. I usually use rage but tried these out and love them... Harvested two deer with these and they didn’t make it far..