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Nockturnal Universal Nock Tool

With an improved look, feel and more streamlined design the Nockturnal® Nock Tool™ helps users maximize the performance of their Nockturnal lighted nocks.

Since their introduction lighted nocks have proven to be one of the greatest additions to an archer’s quiver, they provide enhanced visibility of arrows in flight, reinforce visual point of impact, act as an excellent tool to perfect tuning, and make in-the-field arrow recovery much easier. More than just a gadget, Nocktural’s Nock Tool makes lighted nock installation and removal quick and easy, accounts for perfect seating, tuning and rotation of your nocks and provides the simplest method to disengage a lit nock in a single unit. Convenient and compact the improved ergonomic design that includes a molded nock tuning tool and precision turn off tip that works with any style Nockturnal nock. With simplicity in mind the Nock Tool eliminates the need to have several specialized tools or makeshift tricks for aligning nocks with your vanes, finding a way to turn nocks off or properly seat them in your arrows without damaging the ears and makes nock replacement, tuning and disengagement easier than ever.

SKU: NT-901 | UPC: 818322012355


  • Works with new and old style nocks
  • More ergonomic design
  • Stronger hook for turning off nocks



I used to always just use my knife to turn off my nockturnal nocks, but sometimes that would damage the nock. This little tool is a great solution. Very simple, yet very effective.

Posted by Luke Timmons on May 24th 2022

makes it super simple to turn off nockturnal nocks!! lightweight and easy to carry in your packer and super easy to use

Posted by Dan Ashley on Dec 2nd 2021

This is the best tool for removing, installing, and turning nocks that I have seen made by anyone! I use it every time that I work on my arrows. It is also the fastest way to turn off standard Nockturnal nocks.

Posted by Jake DePenning on Mar 1st 2021

Have not used tool yet but looks like it will hold up and work well. Has to be way better than knife blade.

Posted by John on Dec 23rd 2020


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