Nockturnal X-Nock

SKU: X-3 Pack


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Exclusive patented linear switch design works every time, no wires of connections, simple bowstring activated push on switch, easily switches off when done, extended burn time of 20+ hours, water proof, use in any conditions, see your arrow impacts under any light and find that arrow on pass thru shots.

Red | SKU: NT-502 | UPC: 818322010399
Green | SKU: NT-505 | UPC: 818322010429


  • Bowstring activated linear switch
  • Fool proof operation in any condition
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Super bright LEDs
  • Water and weather proof
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Available in Red or Green
  • Fits smaller diameter carbon .204 ID shafts
  • Each nock in this package weighs approximately 25 grains
  • 3 lighted nocks per pack



So i use this as single use on my .204 hyper flight arrows. They crush when you shoot them but man it stayed lit up bright green from thursday at 1pm to Wednesday morning at about 11 am.

Posted by The batteries never run out on Oct 26th 2022

Great nocks - must have slightly changed the design though, a touch wider than an actual
X nock is now

Posted by Trapper on Oct 3rd 2022

2 out of the 3 were so dim they were unusable for a lighted nock. The third was bright and only lasted one practice session before going out. Guess Im SOL and have to use them as practice nocks since they don't make any anyway. Strange how they are so bad right from the manufacturer. When I have ordered from amazon I haven't had any problems. Pretty much $10 a nock and they don't even light. What a waste.

Posted by drew on Aug 25th 2022

Bow: Yellowstone Custom
Arrows: Bloodsport Onyx .165
Arrow Weight: 495-520gr

Knock lit up great but after a few shots my arrows started dancing mid flight. I couldn't figure out why and upon further inspection I found that the knocks were actually bending. I could "straighten" them shoot once and they were bent again.

Super disappointed and cannot trust these in the field or on the range. Hopefully this helps prevent someone from damaging their bow or missing an opportunity on their game.


Posted by Nate Ando on Dec 25th 2021


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