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Nockturnal Shift Nock with FIT Technology

Advancing the lighted nock design by which all others are judged, Nockturnal Shift FIT lighted nocks take the simplicity and reliability of the world’s most dependable and user-friendly lighted nock to an entirely new level. Thanks to the external on/off switch the process of turning an ultra-bright, string activated Nockturnal lighted nock off has never been easier. Just slide the switch and the nock turns off. It’s that simple! With 20+ hours of long-lasting battery life and a durable design these nocks are built to last and perform like none other. Constructed of an ultra-strong, impact resistant, polycarbonate casing that protects the super-bright LED lights Shift nocks deliver on what users have come to expect from Nockturnal lighted nocks. The patented, string-activated, piston-driven contact linear switch triggers the nock to illuminate immediately when the string is released and can be quickly turned off with the external switch, a true evolution in the world’s most reliable lighted nock system.

Red | SKU: NT-810 | UPC: 818322013703
Green | SKU: NT-811 | UPC: 818322013819

Red/Green Strobing | SKU: NT-812 | UPC: 818322013925


  • Super Strong Clear Polycarbonate Construction
  • Waterproof and Shock Proof
  • Available Colors: Red, Green, Red/Green Strobing
  • Fits X, H, S, and GT Arrows
    • H (white bushing) = Fits smaller diameter carbon .233 ID shafts
    • GT (black bushing) = Fits smaller diameter carbon .246 ID shafts
    • S (gray bushing) = Fits standard carbon .244 ID shafts
    • X (no bushing) = Fits smaller diameter carbon .204 ID shafts
  • Each nock in this package weighs approximately 25 grains
  • Delivers more than 20 hours of lithium-powered battery life
  • 2-Pack



Yeah, it's nice to have the switch on the outside for turning it on and off in practice, but there's a good reason the switch was previously always on the inside. Two deer in a row, I got a pass through and the light switched itself off. It's an obvious flaw and I can't believe the engineers and quality control people didn't think of this. I'm going back to the original style which was excellent.

Posted by mukjp2 on Oct 3rd 2022

Hands down the easiest lighted knocks to use, and very bright.

Posted by Cory Sutton on Sep 16th 2022

had one that would stay on all the time even with the switch being turned off. Nockturnal did replace 3 of them.

Posted by Neil on Sep 10th 2022

Very bright very simple slide switch a lot better than old way

Posted by Henry on Jul 28th 2022


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