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TruFire ThruFire Release

As an industry leader in the development of archery release aid design and technology TruFire® once again disrupts conventional thinking with the ThruFire™ release aid.

The ThruFire wrist strap-style pull through release facilitates the best of both worlds with an index finger actuated release aid, whose hidden trigger system nearly eliminates the user’s ability punch the release. Without cleanly pulling through the shot, the release will not activate. The result, is what all archers desire – a full surprise release with greater accuracy and consistency down range. The ThruFires’ trigger features fully customizable travel modification for individual preference as well as the adjustment of trigger exposure tension from five to 30-pounds and should be set just slightly above the peak holding weight of the user’s bow when at full draw. Available in two configurations, the ThruFire is offered for adults with a soft and ultra-comfortable premium leather strap or for youth with a durable and extremely adjustable brushed nylon strap. Each option utilizes a hyper-adjustable and highly dependable nylon connection strap as well as TruFire’s exclusive TrapTab™ buckle system for effortless one-handed application.

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  • Wrist Strap Style Release
  • Spring Tensioned Sleeve Exposing Hidden Trigger (5 lbs -30 lbs Adjustable)
  • Adjustable Trigger Travel
  • Pull Through Style Functionality
  • Nylon Webbing attachment on Buckle Strap (Similar to Patriot Flex)



Great concept. But needs tweaked. Constantly having to reset.

Posted by Jeff on Jan 16th 2022

This release is a game changer! If you, like so many are have issues with snatching the trigger this release with cure you. I love mine and shoot with it all off season

Posted by John Stanley on Dec 2nd 2021

Struggled miserably with target panic. This release has cured my lack of aiming issue in two days. I can now aim and group like I did before the target panic took over. Still adjusting to find my sweet spot with the release but it is a blessing to enjoy shooting again. I feel there is still some work to do to perfect the release but it can truly help the ones with sever target panic. Give it a try!!

Posted by WTF on Sep 28th 2021

Takes some getting used too and need to adjust it well. But works great once you got it right. Love it

Posted by Corey Steen on Sep 22nd 2021


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