Rage Broadhead and Accessory Case

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Rage Broadhead and Accessory Case

A handy carrying case made to hold your RAGE broadheads and accessories. Keep your RAGE® Broadheads handy and protected in a RAGE® embossed travel case!

The RAGE Broadhead and Accessory Case is a handy carrying case made specifically to hold your RAGE broadheads and tubes of SHOCK COLLARS™. The RAGE Case is a zippered EVA molded case and is designed to hold up to six 2-blade or 3-blade RAGE broadheads and two plastic SHOCK COLLAR™ tubes. Keeping your RAGE broadheads in a RAGE Case eliminates unnecessary wear and tear on the blades. The foam insert on the inside of the RAGE Case holds the heads in place and is blade friendly. And, it’s compact so it easily fits in a fanny pack or pocket!

Just because you got your game with a RAGE broadhead doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. RAGE replacement packs include everything you need (blades, tip, O-rings, screws, etc.) to refurbish your RAGE broadheads so they are as good as new. Be sure to shop for Rage Replacement Blades!

SKU: R32110 | UPC: 818322014229


  • Zippered EVA Molded Case with Embossed Logo
  • Rage Case fits all Rage Broadheads and 2 SHOCK COLLAR™ Tubes
  • Measures: 6” W x 4” H x 1.5” D



Nice to have somewhere to put my expandables. The other nice thing is that there is a slot that holds some spare lighted nocks, which is handy as they seem to break pretty easily.

Posted by Jeff L on May 5th 2022

this case works out great to take extra broadheads on hunting trips while keeping them safe and everything else safe from them!!

Posted by Dan Ashley on Dec 2nd 2021

Great case that is durable and well made, it has compartments for shock collars and luminocks. The only restraint from giving a five star is that the mechanicals move freely in their individual compartments. A bit of cotton fixes this, but the design to support a secure and silent storage needs refinement.

Posted by Patric Stuber on Oct 23rd 2021

As target shooting is in swing and deer season has ended. We’re patiently waiting for Turkey season, and hate to have a bunch of arrows in your bow case with broadheads on them. The case gives me a way to keep my heads and collars organized and frees up arrows for field tips!

Posted by Dylan Stoll on Feb 6th 2021


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