Nano-XR Target Nock Collars

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Carbon Express Target Nock Collars for Nano-XR Arrows

The Carbon Express target nock collars are designed and engineered specifically for target shooting.  These nock collars help protect the rear of the shafts from damage or cracking upon impact.

Sold in packs of 12.

Model Item SKU # UPC # Fits Shafts
Nano-XR 380 Nock Collar 50163 044734501631 Nano-XR 380
Nano-XR 410 Nock Collar 50164 044734501648 Nano-XR 410
Nano-XR 450 Nock Collar 50165 044734501655 Nano-XR 450
Nano-XR 490 Nock Collar 50166 044734501662 Nano-XR 490
Nano-XR 530 Nock Collar 50167 044734501679 Nano-XR 530
Nano-XR 580 Nock Collar 50168 044734501686 Nano-XR 580
Nano-XR 630 Nock Collar 50169 044734501693 Nano-XR 630



Field shooters tightly grouping arrows in the gold, or X-ring, will appreciate the additional longevity to the back end of the arrow being reinforced by the collar. Arrow collision damage is nearly eliminated with these money saving inventions. Collars are very lightweight and almost paper thin. They don't seem to be a detriment to FOC or change spine of the arrow shaft.

Posted by Don France on Mar 9th 2019


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