Multi-Color LED Sight Light

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SURE-LOC Multi-Color LED Sight Light

SURE-LOC’s Multi-color LED Sight Light kit features a wide range of technologies that make it the ultimate choice for illuminating your sight pins.  Whether you find yourself at full draw on the 3D course, indoor shooting 5-spots or toeing the line at Vegas this LED light is the perfect solution.  Choose from red, green or blue with the click of a button.  Adjustable for brightness while also allowing several settings to aid in battery consumption.

SKU: SL90006 | UPC: 702649900061



Great quality

Posted by Mike Graziose on Sep 25th 2022

Great light but design flaw light will not stay in scope took some large shrink tubing and used it on the light and the connector

Posted by Rob on Apr 15th 2022

Sell the light cord separately

Posted by Larry Parshen on Mar 13th 2022

Very impressed with this light. Simple to use and it fires the pin up well. The brightness settings are just what are needed and the ability to select the color of light is great. I really enjoy the strap for the light, it makes mounting super easy and convenient. Definitely would recommend this light for not only sure loc but other sights as well

Posted by Levi Fairchild on Apr 26th 2021


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