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With 50% thinner improved bladed pin construction the Micro Sight by IQ Bowsight’s just got better. An enhanced fiber optic containment continues to further user’s accuracy at extended ranges with increased peace of mind and greater durability.

The 5-pin, all-aluminum Micro sight offers top-end performance and precision adjustments that comes standard with IQ’s patented Retina Lock.™ Alignment Technology system. The perfect system for use with or without a conventional peep sight, Retina Lock Alignment technology is guaranteed to improve the user’s shooting at all distances but is most evident at long range.

Tool-free micro-adjust windage and elevation knobs and dials with an angled mounting bar offer multiple bow and quiver attachment points. Laser etched windage and elevation marks make for simple, yet precise tuning, while an optimally-sized round pin housing delivers consistent peep alignment for shot-to-shot accuracy. The pin system allows for closer pin gaps so users can fine-tune individual pins to ultimate precision. Fully captured fiber optics are protected creating even better durability than before, while still maintaining ultra-bright illumination when it’s needed most. Available in right or left-handed models.

Shoot longer distances and tighter groups or your MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

5-Pin RH | SKU: IQ00360 | UPC: 702649004424
5-Pin LH | SKU: IQ00361 | UPC: 702649004431


  • Retina Lock Technology
  • Micro adjust knobs for windage and elevation
  • 50% Thinner and Improved Containment
  • Built-in sight level
  • Tool-free locking knobs
  • Adjustable 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Built-In Light Adapter
  • Rheostat Sight Light (sold separately) – SKU S15000
  • .019 fiber optic pins
  • 5-pin Model
  • Weight: 10.5 oz.
  • Right and Left Hand Models Available



I bought one for me and my wife. I’ll never go back. The retina lock truly lets you know when something is being over torqued

Posted by No torque on Jun 2nd 2022

I've purchased two IQ bow sights over the last couple of years for different bows and I've been thoroughly impressed by both of them. I noticed an immediate difference in my accuracy as a result of having the retina lock. The pins are bright making it easy to get on target. I wouldn't buy any other sight.

Posted by William Zeunik on Sep 24th 2021

This is my second IQ micro. The first one was the older version, it is still going strong so I decided to get one for my Mathew's V3 to upgrade my sites. It was very easy to set up and dial in on the first trip to the range. Before going to the range, I mounted it at home, eyeballed the site ring and pins as compared to my previous brand. When I shot the first time at the range at 20 yards, I was hitting my block target and only needed to make normal adjustments. The tightening knobs for elevation and left/right were helpful, as were the micro adjusting knobs to fine tune. Also, the IQ bubble was quickly dialed in and extremely helpful to prevent torque. Additionally, the pins and arm pins are precise. Much improved from the previous version. I like the aluminum quality, it feels sturdy and will hopefully last many years. I highly recommend this product for anyone seeking easy adjustments, torque elimination, clear and bright pins, and accuracy. Only complaint is the price, which seems about $50 too high, however, competitors products of equivalent quality are double this price. You will not be disappointed with this site!

Posted by Dean W on Aug 20th 2021


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