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SURE-LOC Carbonic Sight

Scope and lens sold separately.

Red | SKU: SL50001 | UPC: 702649500018
Orange | SKU: SL50002 | UPC: 702649500025
Green | SKU: SL50003 | UPC: 702649500032
Blue | SKU: SL50004 | UPC: 702649500049
Black | SKU: SL50005 | UPC: 702649500056


  • Carbon Fiber 6″ Bar with Machined Aluminum Insert
  • Carbon Fiber 4″ Elevation Frame with Precision Milled Aluminum Bearing Surfaces
  • Built-In Frame Level
  • .002″ Windage and Elevation Adjusments
  • Micro Adjust 2nd and 3rd Axis
  • Zero Backlash Windage Tread System
  • Quick Adjust Vertical Elevation
  • Micro Adjust Pointers
  • Adjustable Elevation Tension
  • Precision Laser Etched Aluminum Elevation Plate
  • Positive Click Extension and Elevation Positioning System
  • No Offset Block Needed for Windage Adjustment
  • Interchangeable Top and Bottom Know Positions
  • Accent Colors Available in: Green, Orange, Red, Blue, and Black
  • Weight: 9.2 oz.



Elevation knob numbers are reversed making then unusable. Just look at it, as you turn the sight to larger numbers (down) the knob numbers go to smaller numbers, reversed and totally wrong. For an example of the correct orientation, just look at any sight, the Supreme, Challenger, Axcel,.... This is a mistake of major proportions. I would give negative stars if possible. This is like having a design mistake in a car so it goes left when steered right.

Posted by Angel on Jun 27th 2021

Awesome looking sight but for some reason the sight wobbles back and forth up and down on the elevation treaded rod that adjusts up and down and obviously trying to get it fixed has been nothin but a pain Lancaster where I bought it can’t help me and this place is all robots and inconvenient for me all the way around well over 750$ spent and I’m feeling like I got screwed will update once product has been fixed

Posted by Michael smith on Mar 10th 2021

I purchased the sight and upon inspection I found the scope barrel has 2 pins that align to Sure-Loc scopes only. These pins protrude so that the mount won't fit flush against any other scope housing. After a little research I found that these pins can be removed and then you can use a bolt through the center of the barrel to mount the scope. This was not mentioned in the instructions I received. I wish Feradyne would update the sight instructions to show how to mount other scopes to the sight or ship the sight with the pins removed. This would have made it so much easier for me to get started with the sight. I gave it 4 stars because it is a high quality sight with many great features. Adjustability is almost limitless. I would have given it 5 stars if not for the pin issue.

Posted by Gregory Howell on Oct 27th 2020

The sight is very well made, light weight, and has every adjustment you can ask for.

Posted by Bill Lewis on Aug 20th 2020


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