22″ Carbon Steel Wok Kit w/ Big Kahuna Burner

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The Power and Gear You Need to Get Cooking!

Ideal for stir frying, deep frying boiling, steaming, braising and simmering, this deep-wok + powerful burner combination delivers versatile cooking, to decks, patios, backyards and campsites alike. This outdoor wok kit is like an outdoor gourmet in a box.  Designed to high standards and featuring not only quality materials, but patented technology, add this 22″ Wok Kit to your order, and get cooking.

SKU: 37212 | UPC: 044734372125


  • Outdoor Wok Kit comes complete with accessories for all types of cooking
  • 22″ Carbon Steel Wok
  • Exclusive Big Kahuna(R) propane burner has adjustable legs (18″ to 26″) making it perfect for not only the Wok, skillets and small pots but also tall pots
  • Stainless steel wok spoon
  • Spatula
  • 12″ AccuZone (TM) thermometer
  • Instructional DVD with recipes
  • Top surface flips to accommodate pots, pans and more
  • Revolution(R) burner exceeds industry standards operating at 65,000 BTU’s
  • Patented construction allows it to burn hotter, cleaner and more efficiently using less fuel than other burners
  • Includes propane gas regulator, hose and safety shutoff
  • Massive, deep-dish carbon steel wok is 50% deeper than traditional woks
  • Traditional, high-quality, carbon steel construction for quick, efficient heating and exceptional heat transfer



I've purchased this product 3 times and each time I received the package, it had been opened prior to shipping to me. There were damaged or missing items in the box and one time the items appeared to be used. Each time I had to repackage and ship back. This has been very frustrating. I have yet to get this wok burner in new condition.

Posted by Victoria Radke on Mar 12th 2021

good quality, heavy power heating,...... It makes the job as expected.
only one bad point for foreign customers / custom clearance and tax too expensive.

Posted by pannequin on Dec 15th 2020

I also have a natural gas connection outside and would like a natural gas option or conversion kit since I have the propane version currently.

Posted by TFloen on Sep 15th 2020

Our family has been staying at home for many weeks, and it appears that COVID-19 wave is far from over. We leave home only for shopping. However, we have a natural gas outlet on our balcony. As a result it is impractical to lug up propane tanks. Thus, it would be really nice to operate your Big Kahuna there.
Offering your appliance in a natural gas version shouldn't be too difficult, but it would be real timely, given what our country is going through this year.

Posted by George on Jul 24th 2020


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