Which broadhead would you recommend for bows shooting upwards of 300 FPS?

Any will work.

Which broadhead should I use for a draw weight of 50# or less?

We recommend using the Hypodermic NC +P broadhead. The steeper blade angle and smaller cutting diameter allow for excellent penetration, even with lower draw weights.

What is the difference between the Hypodermic and the Hypodermic +P?

Hypo offers 2″ cut at a steeper blade angle, while the Hypo +P offers 1.5″ cut at a more sloping blade angle.

Will the 125 grain Hypodermics fit my compound bow?


Which broadhead would you recommend for elk hunting?

Rage Hypodermic, Hypodermic +P, Rage SS, Rage Trypan, Rage Extreme.

My crossbow shoots 425 FPS. Can I use standard shock collars?

If your bow is shooting approximately 400+ FPS we recommend using the High Energy shock collars with a crossbow-specific broadhead.

Will the Xtreme Turkey broadhead work in my crossbow?


What is the difference between the standard Hypodermic and the Hypodermic Crossbow?

Ferrule measures .320″ (standard) .350″ (XB) Hypo XB has HE shock collar, designed for highest FPS rated bows.

Can I shoot a crossbow-specific head out of my compound and vice versa?

If you are using the proper shock collars for your bow, you can shoot a crossbow head out of a compound bow or a compound head out of a crossbow. The ferrules will be wider or narrower than the arrow/bolt (wider ferrule when shooting a crossbow head on a compound arrow, narrower ferrule when shooting a compound head on a crossbow bolt), but they will still function properly.

What is the difference between standard broadheads and crossbow broadheads?

The biggest difference is in the base ferrule diameter; the standard measures .320″ and the crossbow measures .350″. Crossbow broadheads will work better out of bows shooting 400+ FPS.

Why do crossbow heads have a red shock collar?

The red shock collars are High Energy collars designed specifically for crossbows. These collars are thicker than the black collars and prevent pre-deployment when shooting out of high-speed crossbows.

Will the High Energy Shock Collars work on the crossbow broadheads I have now?

If your crossbow broadhead used to use an O-ring, the High Energy Shock Collars will not work.

Are O-rings and shock collars interchangeable?

No. Broadheads using an O-ring would need the orange Legacy shock collars. Only the Legacy shock collars work on an O-ring broadhead.

How do I know which shock collar to use?

There are five shock collars available: the standard collar (black), the High Energy collar (red), the 3-blade collar (also black, but specifically for 3-blade heads), the standard Hypodermic Trypan collar (gray), and the crossbow Hypodermic Trypan collar (red).

The Hypodermic Trypan collars are specific to the Trypan broadheads and can only be used on those heads.

All 3-blade Rage broadheads should use the 3-blade collar.

Compound bows and crossbows shooting less than 340 FPS should use the standard black collars.

Crossbows shooting upwards of 340 FPS should use the red High Energy collars.

How do I put the shock collars on?

While there is a tiny arrow embossed on the bottom of each shock collar, the rule is that you place the blades as close to the center of the tabs or petals as possible. DO NOT line the blades up with the slits/notches in the collar.

What is the advantage of the new No Collar (NC) heads over the heads that take a shock collar?

The new NC heads do not require a shock collar. You do not have to worry about indexing the collar properly to the blades or the possibility of your broadhead deploying in your quiver.

Can metal washers to add weight be purchased separately?


What comes in the replacement blade kits?

Each replacement kit comes with enough blades, set screws, and shock collars (where applicable) to build three broadheads.

Are the new NC crossbow heads compatible with Ravin crossbows?


My product was missing a part from the package. What do I do?
Can I sharpen my Rage broadheads?

We recommend replacing the blades of your broadheads rather than sharpening them.

How often should I replace the blades on my broadheads?

Replace the blades after each time you shoot them.

Why won’t my broadheads deploy when I shoot at a foam target?

Foam generally doesn’t offer enough solid resistance to force the blades of your broadhead open. Our broadhead testing is done on animal hides over ballistic.

Are there minimum kinetic energy and/or momentum requirements for this head?

There really is no minimum KE requirement for this particular broadhead as there are too many variables. Penetration depends on arrow weight combined with arrow speed, so if you are looking for more penetration, shoot a heavier arrow.

Why is my broadhead deploying prematurely?

There could be multiple reasons you are seeing early deployment: 1) the shock collar isn’t placed correctly on the broadhead, 2) your bow is shooting at 400+ FPS and requires High Energy shock collars, 3) your arrow or bolt could be not seated fully on the string.

Is the Trypan going to be offered for Deep Six?

There are currently no plans for a Trypan Deep Six.

Do you offer discounts to Hunters Education instructors?

Yes, please visit www.promotive.com to create an account and receive your industry pricing.

Do you offer discounts to archery industry employees?

Yes, please visit www.promotive.com to create an account and receive your industry pricing.

The blades in my broadhead rattle. How can I fix this?

Make sure the shock collar is positioned so that the blades hit at the solid portion of the collar and NOT in the slits.

How can I tell if my broadheads are real Rage and not counterfeit?

If it sounds too true to be good, it probably is. Rage utilizes MAP pricing and dealers are required to sell at a minimum price. Amazon and Ebay are the main sources of counterfeit broadheads. Rage broadheads do not come in multiple colors, and we do not sell in bulk. Colors may vary on ferrules, counterfeit screws are shiny (almost chrome looking) and are metric; we use a satin stainless steel standard thread screw.

I bought the wrong product. Can I return or exchange it?
I have a defective product. How can I return or exchange it?
How do I become a dealer?
How can I order your products internationally?

Please call 1-800-282-4868 or fill out the contact form to request an international shipping quote.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, we require a physical mailing address for shipping.


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