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Multi-use hunting accessory Leg Cuff Deer Drag that works on yearlings to medium deer. For the larger deer or Mule deer check out our XL Leg Cuff Deer drag.
Get a set of inserts (sold separately) to expand its use to a Turkey tote carrier or coyote Drag!

The Leg Cuff Deer Drag is for successful hunters.
Works with yearlings, does to medium size deer. This simple multi-purpose deer dragging system makes dragging your deer a lot easier by keeping the deer’s head up and to the front of the body.

Using the front legs, the leg cuff deer drag is attached to the ankles behind the deer’s head. When the hunter drags the deer the head is brought up off the ground, protecting the rack and cape. Your trophy mount will look great.

When you are out hunting, have choices. Put the deer drag leg cuff in your pocket to take down the game anywhere. Go off the beaten track. Enjoy the woods. You can drag by hand your trophy by yourself. Use it to fill the gap left by other deer drag systems. Get game back to your atv, 4 wheeler, or sled up hills, out of tight spots and gullies. With this product you can also drag deer with a friend, with an ATV or a horse.

Buy another, and invite a friend. Use two for extra leverage.

This product has been real world tested by professional hunters all over the USA and Canada. It has received astounding reviews! Try yours today.

With our special insert this deer drag becomes the only turkey tote you will ever use.
Leg Cuff is a great predator Tote/drag. Use with our TURKEY INSERTS, COYOTE INSERTS

100% nylon fiberglass, 1200 lb test nylon rope. Comfortable, contoured grip handle. Leg cuff deer drag, drag has grooves on the inside that hold yearlings tight.

Lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA! Available in orange colors.

The Best Deer Drag System on the market! One-size fits all yearlings to medium deer. Can be used alone, with your ATV or safety harness. The Leg cuff deer drag recovers your game faster, easier and it protects your trophy.

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