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The future of game feeders – Capsule Feeders are an innovative approach to game feeding, with an emphasis on safety, durability, and efficiency.

The 1000 pound Deluxe Capsule Feeders feature the incredibly durable roto-molded original design, with an integrated base. Each feeder comes with a heavy duty 12v motor, solar panel, metal spinner plate, steel fill cap, timer/battery kit, and Lifetime Limited Warranty*

This feeder ships LTL on a pallet and can be delivered to both residential and commercial locations.

The Worlds Safest Game Feeder

The patented ground-sitting capsule design eliminates the dangers of working under a 400 lb barrel.

The original sit-and-fill feeder

The sit-and-fill design allows outdoor enthusiasts of any age to fill and operate the feeder. No more climbing ladders on soft ground while carrying 80lb bags of corn!

Lightweight, Durable construction

The HDPE structure is easily moveable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. Lighter than steel barrels and completely rust-resistant.

Feeders for any situation

Capsule Feeders are available in both 250-pound and 800-pound sizes. You can utilize the amount of feed that fits your needs.

Animal Resistant

Low center of gravity allows the feeder to rest safely, without the fear of it being knocked over by animals. This saves you time AND money on stocking valuable feed.

Set it and Forget it

The included solar panel keeps the battery charged all year round. Fill your feeder and set your timer; no need to constantly check on your feeder

Managed Feedings

The included digital timer provides up to 6 automated feedings a day. Easily manage your game feeding without daily visits to the feeder.

Exclusive Design

All parts are designed specifically for the Capsule Feeder and available on our website, making repairs and replacements simple.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

We have confidence in our products. The HDPE body of the capsule is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.




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