Hunting Pro Staff

Hunting Prostaff

FeraDyne Outdoors manufactures many leading brands in the hunting world: Apple Archery®, Axe® Crossbows, BLOCK® Targets, Black Hole® Targets, Carbon Express® Arrows, Covert Scouting Cameras®, Eastman Outdoors®, GlenDel® Targets, Hurricane® Bag Targets, IQ® Bowsights, Muzzy® Broadheads and Bowfishing products, Nockturnal® Lighted Nocks, Rage® Broadheads, Rocky Mountain®, SURE-LOC® archery products, S4Gear®, Scent Crusher, Shooter® 3D Targets, TRU-FIRE® release aids, and Wac’Em® Broadheads.

Perks of being on the FeraDyne Hunting pro staff include, but are not limited to, free/discounted product, eligibility for new product testing, and working with Scott (he’s pretty cool too).

Before applying, do you agree with each of the following statements?
• I am motivated
• I know the products well enough to be able to promote them without a ton of guidance
• I am active on social media
• I take photos while out in the field
• I can do simple :60 or less video reviews
• I am capable of using Dropbox to share my created content with the Pro Staff Director
• I can update the Pro Staff Director on a quarterly basis without issue
If you can answer YES! to each of those statements, then we encourage you to continue reading and apply below!

Hunting Pro Staff Lee and Tiffany

If you are interested in applying to be on our Hunting Pro Staff, please follow these directions: 

  1. Complete the application
  2. Applications will be reviewed during the 4th quarter (Oct.–Dec.)
  3. New contracts will be issued January 1st and will be for a 1-year term

Pro Staff Application

TruFire Synapse
Muzzy Bowfishing
Rage Trypan
Cody and Kelsey
Multi Branded Photo Shot
TruFire Releases
Hurricane Bag Targets

Celebrity Prostaff Drury Outdoors