GlenDel FAQ

Can I shoot both my compound and crossbow at my GlenDel target?

You can if you purchase the GlenDel Crossbow Buck target.  We do not recommend shooting a crossbow at any target not specifically designed for crossbow use.

What are the measurements of the GlenDel replacement back straps?

  • Standard Buck = 17” in length from tip to tip
  • Pre-Rut Buck = 19.25” in length
  • Full-Rut Buck = 21.5” in length

What are the body measurements of the GlenDel targets?

  • Standard Buck = 31” from neck to tail
  • Pre-Rut Buck = 34” from neck to tail
  • Full-Rut Buck = 39” from neck to tail

Can I leave my target outside?

We recommend storing your target indoors when not in use to avoid deterioration of the foam and potential damage caused by animals.

I bought the wrong product.  Can I return or exchange it?

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I have a defective product.  How can I return or exchange it?

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How do I become a dealer?

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How do I become an online dealer?

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How can I order your products internationally?

Please call 1-800-282-4868 or fill out Contact form to request an international shipping quote.
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Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, we require a physical mailing address for shipping

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