CX .166 Triad In-Out Inserts

CX .166 Triad In-Out Inserts

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CX .166 Triad In-Out Inserts

Specifically designed to fit the Carbon Express Maxima Triad arrow this two- part insert system utilizes a stainless steel insert that threads to an aluminum exterior threaded collar. Strength and concentricity are maximized to provide optimal arrow flight and extreme durability that perfectly align with the overall benefits of this Carbon Express’ exclusive tri-spine micro diameter Triad arrow system.  At 94 grains this system generates excellent FOC for extreme penetration.  Available to fit all three spines offered.

Insert #1 Triad 400 (.166) 12pk | SKU: 50441 | UPC: 044734504410
Insert #2 Triad 350 (.166) 12pk | SKU: 50442 | UPC: 044734504427
Insert #3 Triad 300 (.166) 12pk | SKU: 50443 | UPC: 044734504434