Can I put multiple devices on the same data plan?

Yes! We now allow cameras to share a data package across one plan.

Do I need to have an AT&T Phone to use the Covert AT&T camera models?

NO! You will download the Covert Wireless App on any App capable smartphone. You will need signal in the area that you put the camera from AT&T towers.

Do I need to have a Verizon Phone to use the Covert Verizon camera models?

You will download the Covert Wireless App on any App capable smartphone. You will need signal in the area that you put the camera from the Verizon towers.

Can I use my current plan I already have and add a line?

Unfortunately, no. You will need to create a Covert Wireless account and add the device there. There is no contract and you have the control to suspend and reactivate your camera at any time.

Can I change my billing information online?

Go to https://secure.covert-wireless.com/ Key in your changes and click SAVE.

I keyed in my ICCID/IMEI wrong. How do I correct it?

Click the red X to delete the device and re add it with the correct numbers.

Can I change the plan that I have my device on?

Yes. You can hit the red X next to the device you want to change to delete it off the current plan. Then go up to the subscription plans and choose the network and plan you wish to change it to and click SUBSCRIBE. Now scroll down and you should see that plan as an option. Key in the applicable numbers and click ACTIVATE.

When I suspend my camera, my pictures are gone from the App.

The service is for the cloud use as well so your camera must be active to view the cloud. Make sure you save any pics you want to keep before suspending your device.

Do I pay my Covert Wireless plan monthly or is it auto renew?

The plans automatically renew unless you suspend the device before the renewal date.

My Covert Wireless account says it is SUSPENDED and I am not getting pictures.

Most often, you need to update your credit card information.  You will need to contact support at 877-462-1799 or support@dlccovert.com and we will look into the issue.

What happens if I go over the data allowed on my account?

If you reach your photo limit before the monthly allotment, you will need to replenish your account by clicking the replenish button on the app or web-portal.

The battery life on my wireless cameras are not lasting as long as I’d like.

Put your cameras on at least a 4-hour delay under the remote control setting.  This allows the wireless module to enter a “sleep-mode” for a longer period of time.  (We run our cameras on a 24-hour delay here at Covert and they’ve been out in the field for over two months.)  You will continue to receive pictures when the camera is triggered by heat or motion, you just will only be able to do the settings changes or real-time control every 4-hours (or every 24 hours if you choose the 24-hour delay, etc.)

How do I stop service during off season?

Click suspend next to the camera you are wanting to shut off, or click the red X to take it off the account completely.

You are able to stop the wireless service by logging into https://secure.covert-wireless.com/login.php and choosing one of two options under My Services and Equipment..

1. Click the word ACTIVE to SUSPEND the line to the camera.
2. Click the red X next to the camera’s ID number to DEACTIVATE the camera from the account. When you are ready to use the wireless feature of the camera again, you simply login to your existing account and re-add the device under My Services and Equipment.


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