Feb 9th 2021

Specialty lighted nocks exclusively designed to work with Axe Crossbow Bolts

Superior, WI – Specifically designed and technically perfected to flawlessly work the proprietary Axe® .166 micro-diameter bolt system, Axe Lit lighted nocks are in a league of their own.

Given the significant speeds at which an Axe crossbow sends a projectile down range, it’s often difficult to track a bolt. The result can equal doubt about shot-placement and the resulting outcome. Axe Lit lighted nocks fill the void for Axe’s propriety .166 micro-diameter bolt system and give crossbow users the ultimate solution to trace their shot and a perfect visual reference for shot placement.

Lit lighted nocks’ metal injection molded body produces the same audible click users have come to expect from the Axe arrow system with the added benefit of a super-bright LED lighted nock component. Activated by Nockturnal’s patented crossbow string-activated linear switch with piston-driven assembly, these lighted nocks are exceptionally reliable and do not require any specific tools to set up – just insert them into your bolt and you’re ready to hunt. Side illumination ports on the nock’s body allow for additional light dispersion and increased “tracking” as the nock moves along its trajectory. With more than 20 hours of lithium-powered battery life the extended burn time grants plenty of opportunity for reuse and easy identification long after the shot. Easily turned off with Nockturnal’s nock tool, each Lit lighted nock weighs approximately 44-grains and provides the exceptional shot-after-shot accuracy users have come to expect from Axe Crossbows and Nockturnal lighted nocks.

Technical Specs:

  • Custom built for the Axe .166” ID micro diameter shaft
  • MIM stainless steel construction
  • Crossbow string activated linear switch
  • Super bright LED
  • Side illumination ports for increased “tracking”
  • 20+ hour extended burn time
  • Weight 44 grains (weight is approximate)
  • 3-pack
  • Available in red or green

  • Axe Lit lighted crossbow nocks are available at the best retailers nationwide for an MSRP $44.99 per

    3-pack or at

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    About Axe Crossbows:

    Axe® Crossbows is a subsidiary brand of FeraDyne Outdoors located at 1230 Poplar Avenue Superior, WI 54880. Introduced in 2020 Axe Crossbows were designed from the ground up and utilize a series of exclusive technologies to deliver a shooting experience that demonstrates crossbow Performance Optimized.

    About FeraDyne Outdoors:

    FeraDyne® Outdoors, is the manufacturer and parent company of the leading brands of Axe® Crossbows, Rage® broadheads, Muzzy® broadheads, Muzzy® Bowfishing, Carbon Express® arrows and accessories, Nockturnal® lighted nocks, TruFire® releases, Block® targets, GlenDel® targets, Shooter™ 3D targets, Black Hole™ targets, Hurricane™ bag targets, IQ® Bowsights, Sure-Loc® Archery Products, S4Gear™, Gorilla Gear, Eastman Outdoors®, Apple Archery®, Rocky Mountain Archery, Wac’Em Archery and Covert® Scouting Cameras. FeraDyne Outdoors is engineering the evolution of outdoor technology across all bowhunting categories – more information can be found at