How many shots can your Block Vault targets take?

There is no exact number of shots any target can take because there are so many variables: draw weight, shooting distance, spreading out shots, using broadheads vs. field tips, age of target, target care (left outdoors vs. indoors)

Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, we require a physical mailing address for shipping

My product didn't/doesn't work.  How can I return or exchange it?

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I bought the wrong product.  Can I return or exchange it

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I have a defective product.  How can I return or exchange it?

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Do you offer military, veteran, or law enforcement discounts?

No, we do not offer military, veteran, or law enforcement discounts

Any tips for helping with easier arrow removal?

To help with arrow removal we recommend investing in a good arrow puller or keeping a rubber grip glove handy; grasp your arrow/bolt near the target and twist left and right to break the "melt" created around your arrow shaft.  Your arrow should pull out with relative ease after this.  You might also consider applying a shaft lubricant to your arrows before shooting as this will create a barrier between the arrow and the foam of the target.

Is it normal for arrows to come out the other side after only 400 shots?

If you are shooting at the same spot over and over again, it is not unsual to see arrows start to poke out the back side as the foam is not allowed to re-expand.  If your arrows are going in up to or past the fletchings, or are passing completely through, you may have a defective target; please submit a warranty claim at

Can I leave my target outside?

We recommend storing your target indoors when not in use as much as possible.  If you must leave it outside, cover your target with a tarp or other waterproof covering to shield it from the elements

My arrows are passing through my target.  What can I do?

If your arrows are passing completely through the target or the fletchings are being buried, be sure you are spreading your shots out to all of the painted target points and utilizing all shootable sides of the target for optimum target performance.  If your arrows are passing through/burying past the fletchings after only a few spread out shots, you may have a defective target; please submit a warranty claim at

Can the crossbow targets be used with a compound bow?

Yes, but your arrows will start to bounce if you are shooting less than 35 lbs.

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