Muzzy Bowfishing FAQ

What do I need to get started Bowfishing?

You will need some basic equipment: a bow, reel (reel seat for spincast style reels), bowfishing line, bowfishing rest and a fishing arrow. We offer a complete bowfishing kit to outfit your bow with everything you need to get started, it is item # 7502-XD. You can also purchase individual components to outfit your bow, but once the inital equipment is purchased only replacement arrows and line will be needed.

What bow do I need for Bowfishing & how much weight should I be pulling?

Recurves, compounds, longbows, and crossbows are all used successfully for bowfishing and can be setup to do so. When using conventional bows we do recommend using a lighter draw weight, normally around 40-50 lbs is more than enough to shoot just about any fish out there.

What is better for bowfishing a Spincast Style Reel or a Bottle Style Reel?

Both reels have their merits and supporters. The retriever style reels are generally a little easier to use and setup on the bow, however they do not have a drag system and fish have to be pulled in by hand. This causes them to be much slower in retrieving fish & they can also be slower in retrieving arrows as well.

Spincast reels work extremely well for most fish plus they can be shot & retrieved very quickly, have a drag system which allows the fish to be brought in with the reel on the bow. They also shoot extremely fast and are capable of excellent arrow flight and can be used with or without safety slide systems on the arrow.

The spincast style is our personal favorite choice for bowfishing.

What do I need to shoot an Alligator with my bow or crossbow?

Muzzy offers complete kits to outfit any bow to shoot alligators. You will need a very heavy line, we use our 600# braided spectra line for this, an arrow with a detachable head system so the line is tied directly to the arrow point and the head can detach and turn sideways under the hide eliminating any pull outs and a float system as well so the line can come completely off the reel and bow and not be attached to anything but the buoy which can be tracked and recovered to harvest the alligator. Our Gator Getter Kit includes everything required to set up a bow or crossbow for a gator hunt. We also have a water activated LED that can be attached to the buoy so it can be tracked at night even if it is pulled under the surface of the water.

When should I use the Big Fish Point?

The Big fish point is designed to add more holding power to our standard points when shooting very large, oversized, but soft fleshed fish and works exceptionally well with most of the Asian carp species and big buffalo. These fish are extremely powerful and heavy but have relatively soft flesh which requires more holding power and finesse with the equipment used to land them.

What are the advantages of shooting Carbon Bowfishing Arrows vs Fiberglass Bowfishing Arrows?

Although the total arrow weight is comparable, carbon shafts recover and stabilize much quicker coming off the bow, they are generally more precise in shaft straightness resulting in more accurate and consistent shots and better results when shooting in deeper water. They are also extremely durable and great for very tough fish and rough conditions.

Fiberglass arrows are hard to beat for durability and cost effectiveness and have been proven over many years to do a great job in most conditions and do work very well. When cost is a factor, fiberglass will deliver.

Are there sight mounting holes on the Muzzy Addict Recurve bow so I can attach a pro retriever?


My reel clicks and doesn't reel in properly.  What do I do?

You will need to order a replacement pickup pin (item # XD5)

If I don't use a safety slide on my arrows, where do I attach the line?

Thread the line through the hole drilled through the arrow shaft near the nock

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