Shooter Buck Replacement Core

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This is the replacement core insert for the Shooter Buck, Big Shooter Buck, and the Crossbow Shooter Buck.

Shooter Buck | SKU: G71630 | UPC: 702649716303
Big Shooter Buck | SKU: G72200 | UPC: 702649722007
Crossbow Shooter | SKU: G71640 | UPC: 702649716402



It is nearly impossible to get the bolt out of this product. I am looking to sell deer because of this. I understand it has to be very durable to stop crossbow bolts.

Posted by Robert on Sep 28th 2022

I bought4 of these.seems to be a difference in density.I have a couple the arrows pull out easy and a couple I cant hardly pull the arrows out.Broke an arrow off trying to pull out yesterday.

Posted by keith brossard on Oct 23rd 2021

The core seems not to fit very snuggly - Removing the arrows makes the core come out

Posted by Chuck Sader on Sep 13th 2021

I shot at 20 yards out from my AXE 405 and now am having a hard time removing the bolt from the core. It was great at stopping a 405fps bolt but if you can't easily retrieve the bolt from the core it makes it useless to practice with. May I need to go out 50 yards for better bolt retrieval?

Posted by Vince on Jan 12th 2021


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