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Shooter3D Big Shooter Buck is a great alternative to high priced 3-D targets for the casual or serious hunter. It offers a large size and replaceable insert to realistic practice and long target life with easy arrow removal.

SKU: G72000 | UPC: 702649720003


  • 48″ tall
  • Large economical 3-D buck
  • 25% larger than comparable targets
  • Add Replaceable Inserts SKU: G72200
  • Perfect addition to any backyard range
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Stops all field points and broadheads
  • Stops up to 430 FPS using standard diameter arrows



Great Target locating and hitting the vitals. Easy to move set up in various angles.

Posted by Greg on Oct 23rd 2022

I bought this target to replace a target I had for a couple of years. This piece of garbage won't make it thru 1 season of target practice. My first time using this target my FIELD TIPS were punching thru the target at 20-25 yards, what do you think my broad head tips are going to do to it ?. I have never EVER bought a target where I had this problem at any price. Thank God this target was on sale (Listed for 129.99) I only ended up paying $69.99 for it. The last target I bought I payed $79.99 for it an it lasted me 4 yrs with heavy shooting. This will be a 1 and done for me. What has happened to the quality of products in this country. It's a shame.

Posted by kenneth Wiesen on Sep 10th 2022

Don’t waste your money for this target if your going to shoot broadheads. I bought this target and after 5 arrows with a rage practice tip the insert looked like it was shot with a 30-06. I did do the warranty and the company sent me a new insert. After receiving the new insert and 6 arrows later the same result. I would not recommend this product. I’m very disappointed!!!!!

Posted by Chad on Aug 31st 2022

Had to diversify the target herd I have set up in the yard. Great looking target!

Posted by Dave K on Mar 26th 2022


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