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  • Amped-XS TCX Green Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Amped-XS TCX Nock

    Carbon Express Amped-XS TCX Nock for Predator / Amped-XS Arrows Features: Fits Predator II Arrows 700-800 Spines Fits Predator II Youth Arrows 700-800 Spine Fits Amped-XS Arrows Available in: White or Green 12 per pack White | SKU: 50177...

  • Launchpad Precision Nocks Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Launchpad Precision Nocks

    Carbon Express Launchpad Precision Nocks Features: Precise contact points for controlled arrow release. Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance. Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight. The NEW...

  • String Loop Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    String Loop (D-Loop)

    Carbon Express String Loop  (D-Loop) Features: Eliminates serving wear and string twist Improves arrow release Includes instructions and sample for proper knot tying 3 per pack The Carbon Express String Loop eliminates serving wear and string...

  • Maxima 360 Fan Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Maxima 360

    Carbon Express Maxima 360 Features: 3K-T weaved carbon material for industry leading 360 degree spine consistency Straightness of +/- .0025" MAX Fletched with 2" vanes Comes with .244" Launchpad nocks and #1 inserts Available Sizes: (350 - .330" spine @...