VXM Bowfishing Bow

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Muzzy Bowfishing VXM Bowfishing Bow (Right-Hand)


  • RH Magnesium Cast Riser
  • Weights 3.9 lbs. compared to 4 lbs. of the aluminum LV-X Bow
  • Adjustable draw weight 25-50 lbs., adjustable draw length 26-29.5 inches
  • New – SS barrel nuts in riser to prevent galling between the SS limb bolts
  • Short draw and Long draw length setting
  • No “let-Off” setting
  • Mossy Oak Coastal Elements Cloud Bank Camo

The next generation of powerful and productive bowfshing bows from Muzzy.  Powered by Oneida’s proven lever-style bow technology the Muzzy VXM is brings to market a smooth drawing, deep penetrating bowfishing bow in a highly-adjustable format custom crafted to withstand the rigors of fresh and salt water fishing.  Founded on the backbone of a reduced-weight magnesium cast riser the XM trims the weight from previous models without sacrifice to performance.  Adjustable draw length and weight provide a wide range of flexibility for users of all sizes and experience levels. Bow Only. 

Bow Specs:

  • Adjustable Draw Weight: 25-50 pounds
  • Adjustable Draw Length: 26-29.5"
  • Net Weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Let-Off: 0 or 60%

Right-Hand | SKU: 8004 | UPC: 050301132153