Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrow with Iron Barb 3-Blade

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Muzzy Bowfishing Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrows with Iron Barb 3-Blade

Add even more durability and better visibility to your bowfishing fun with the Muzzy Bowfishing Lighted Carbon Fish Arrow. Made of a lightweight and durable carbon composite, this tough arrow comes with a Muzzy Bowfishing Lighted nock installed for greater visibility on every shot. Tough 80% fiberglass/20% carbon construction gives this 5/16″ arrow maximum durability and improved straightness for longer life and improved accuracy. Arrow also comes with a predrilled cross hole for tying your line or installing a safety slide.

Now with the Iron Barb 3-Blade Fish Point Installed!

Iron Barb 3-Blade | SKU: 1339 | UPC: 050301132269
Iron Barb 3-Blade w/Bottle Slide Installed | SKU: 1339-CBS | UPC: 050301132276


  • Carbon Composite Arrow Shaft
  • Cross-hole Drilled
  • Includes Muzzy Bowfishing Lighted nock: Powered by Nockturnal
  • Iron Barb 3-Blade Fish Point Installed
  • Cross-hole Drilled with or wiithout Bottle Slide



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