Why Use Thermal Optics?


Published May 5, 2022 - Written by FeraDyne Staff

Introduced at this year’s ATA and SHOT shows, Covert Optics new line of ThermX thermal optics made an instant splash.  But, their introduction came with a big question — why thermal? 

It’s no secret that thermal optics continue to grow in popularity among firearms users for a variety of applications — from predator control to various types of night hunting.  But, how does that translate into archery, crossbow and small weapon applications?

A Higher Chance for Success


It goes without saying that we’ve all had a hunt end in an outcome that was not exactly what we expected.  Thermal optics are another tool to help us achieve higher levels of success in the field.  Whether weapons mounted, or used as a handheld unit, thermal optics give you an edge when trying to identify, locate and recover game, and Covert’s ThermX optics do it a price point almost anyone can afford.   If you’ve ever lost a big game animal you know the heartbreak it can cause.  Could a thermal handheld scanner have helped to solve this?  Or how about those last few moments of legal shooting light when it's hard to identify your target through standard optics?  Would a thermal sight let you aim better in the legal fading daylight? This is where thermal presents an edge and where the field use becomes a reality that any hunter can realize the benefits of.  With thermal, the outcome of each hunt’s success is greatly expanded.

Game-Changing Technology


As hunters we are consistently looking for the next product evolution to help us be more effective and successful in the field.  During the last few decades there are numerous product categories to have advanced hunting such as compound bows, fiber optics sights, scouting cameras, electric vehicles and cell phone apps — all driving us toward finding more game and greater success.  Game-changing thermal optics are one such technology and are helping to continue this advancement. Covert Thermal Optics are another tool to add to our ever-expanding arsenal of equipment designed to help us make the most of our time afield.  Available in three different models Covert Optics ThermX line features, the HS1 handheld thermal scanner, TRF thermal rangefinder and TS1 thermal scope.  Each features the ability to be used as a handheld unit or weapons mounted for ultimate versatility.  To learn more contact your local dealer to experience the power of ThermX thermal optics and understand how they can improve the way you hunt.