Universal Tactical Sling

Universal Tactical Sling - Archived

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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Carbon Express Universal Tactical Sling


  • Single- or Two-Point Connection- Single-point design allows for a more tactical, field-ready approach when hunting. Two-point connection allows for the more traditional “rifle” style carriage.
  • Quick Secure Fit- 2"x 22" molded ribbed padding ensures comfort and helps prevent slippage. Speed buckle allows for fast adjustments in sling length from 40" up to 50".
  • Easy Attachments- Dual sets of heavy gauge attachment clips are included for easy configuration. An accessory ring is also incorporated for quick reach to range finders while stalking.

Opportunities in the field often come quickly, so an alert hunter must be ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. This Universal Tactical Sling features a single-point design that keeps you ready to aim and shoot immediately. A secure fit is also crucial, and here it’s ensured by anti-slip padding and a quick-adjust speed buckle.

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