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Tom Miranda

My favorite animal to hunt: Brown Bear. My favorite animal to bow hunt is the brown bear. I have taken 3 Alaskan brown bears and 2 grizzly bears in my career and each hunt is more exciting than the last… The excitement of watching an apex predator close the distance on a remote beach is pure adrenaline. Bowhunting these dangerous bears requires nerves of steel and the challenge of getting close to a mature boar is often very difficult.

My favorite place to hunt: Africa. All the countries of southern Africa are amazing. Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa offer amazing bowhunting opportunities. Everything about Africa is Adventurous…. The animals, the terrain, the climate.. even the sun and moon look bigger in the sky when your in Africa. The animals are all unique and there are many hunt-able species… I have traveled to Africa to bow hunt 46 times and been blessed to arrow Africa’s big six. Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.

My best hunting memory: Desert Sheep. Having been a TV bowhunter for over 30 years….. I’ve gotten to go bowhunting a lot! I’ve been blessed to take over 160 different animal species…..& several of most.. including 60 whitetail bucks on video. My career is full of awesome hunting memories. One of my favorite hunts was a trip to Mexico for desert bighorn sheep. I had been to Mexico 3 times previous for sheep and not connected.. on this 4th trip I arrowed a fantastic ram the first afternoon of the hunt….. a ram that completed my 13 year quest to document the archery Super Slam on video. So with one arrow…. I completed the wild Sheep archery Grand Slam and North American archery Super Slam. A pretty fantastic hunting memory!

Tom Petry

My favorite animal to hunt: I grew up with whitetail and turkey being “the” animal that we hunted every year. Big Game, such as elk and moose were only a dream for me as a kid. Having the opportunities, I have been blessed with currently, the rocky mountain elk takes the cake for me hands down. From the sites to the sounds and the hunt itself, there is no other animal that gets me that adrenaline rush, like a 1000lb bugling bull elk.

My favorite place to hunt: We are fortunate to get to travel all over the US hunting all different types of animals. But for me, when I get to come home, be with my family and hunt what most would say is the toughest animal on the planet to hunt. Whitetail in Ohio is where I want to be.

My best hunting memory: My greatest memories in life are the ones spent hunting with family and friends no doubt. But the one that sticks on my head as #1 to this date and will probably remain there forever. Is the day I shot my first mule deer buck in Montana. It was with 2 of my best friends, Jason Matzinger and Jason Kalafut. I was hunting out west, which I had never done before and made a 1 mile stalk to the top of a butte that stood out like a sore thumb. With absolutely nothing else around it but sage and dirt, this buck sat in the shadows at the very top. I stalked to within 5 yards of that buck and made a perfect shot. My first western animal, an unbelievable hunt and episode 1 of our very first season which kicked off our television series. By far my best hunting memory and one that I am very thankful for.

Nick Ventura

My favorite animal to hunt: Being from the Northeast, Whitetail was always the most popular animal to hunt and to me the most challenging. Even after I chasing some different critters across the Country to me there is still nothing like playing a chess match with a big mature whitetail.

My favorite place to hunt: I always dreamed of chasing Elk as a kid so when I got to chance to hunt Elk in Montana I jumped at the opportunity, to this day there is not a trip or place I look forward to more.

My best hunting memory: My greatest memory is still my first Ohio whitetail hunt, I chased a certain buck for days having multiple encounters throughout the week. After hanging a set where I thought the buck was spending most of his time, I waited for the next morning planning to sit all day. At 10:00 in the morning I watched the buck come from 200 yards away right to the base of my tree, it was the oldest buck I had ever harvested and I was lucky enough to share that moment with my father. Looking back, I think that hunt is a big part of why I live in Ohio today.

Curt Wells

My favorite animal to hunt: Elk, no question, no debate.

My favorite place to hunt: Arizona.

My best hunting memory: My most recent elk hunt in Arizona with my two sons. The amount of bugling was unreal and we went two for three with good bulls. It was an awesome opportunity to hunt together, which we don’t do nearly enough.

Danny Farris

Bowhunter TV / Bowhunter Magazine

Danny Farris

My favorite animal to hunt: If it can be hunted, I like hunting it. However, bowhunting elk stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

My favorite place to hunt: The Rocky Mountains, at timberline along the Continental Divide is my favorite place on earth. It’s tough country, but well worth the work to get there.

My best hunting memory: My birthday is September 8th, right when I usually start elk hunting. It’s typically bad luck for me though. If something bad is going to happen, that’s the day it will happen on. There was one year however, when my dad took his biggest bull ever on my birthday, and that experience will always be a hard one to beat.

Levi Morgan

BowLife TV

Levi Morgan

My favorite animal to hunt: My favorite animal to hunt is the Whitetail. Even though I’ve killed everything from sheep to muskox to moose with a bow I have never loved to hunt anything quite like a giant mature buck. Elk and spot and stalk mule deer are a very close second though!

My favorite place to hunt: Man that’s a tough one because I love so many places for so many different reasons. If I had to pick one, I’d say Kansas mainly because the people in camp. I’ve been going to the same camp for almost 10 years and the people have become like family. What hunting is all about!

My best hunting memory: I took my dad on his first Elk hunt. We were in New Mexico on a diy tent trip. We went out hiking the night before our season started and found some bulls right before dark. Long story short the next morning as it broke daylight, we were following the herd and waiting on the wind to stabilize. In 30 minutes my dad had killed a nice 6x6 and then 10 minutes later I called in the herd bull and shot my biggest bull ever. Truly a morning that we will never top or forget! Doubled up on Archery Bulls, my dads first and my biggest! Needless to say it was a long day of cutting and packing!

Dean Partridge

My favorite animal to hunt: By far, my favourite animal to hunt is the Whitetail Deer. Although the most commonly found, and hunted big game animal in North America, the whitetail remains one of the most cunning and challenging hunts. A big old whitetail buck is the undisputed king of difficult hunts. Hunting these bucks takes dedication, hard work and mental stamina to endure the twists and turns you might find while trying to accomplish your goals in the deer woods. These gorgeous animals are not only difficult to hunt and outsmart, but are equally impressive table fare. The Whitetail is an iconic north American game animal, it is also the animal most hunters pursued while learning to hunt, and has supplied many hunters not only with tall tales of the giant that got away but has also became a staple food for these hunters and their families.

My favorite place to hunt: Being that my favourite animal to hunt are big old legendary whitetails, my favourite place to hunt is the Whitetail mecca- Saskatchewan Canada. Flat prairies, rolling creek banks and big timber all mixed with agriculture, the diversity of terrain and cover in Saskatchewan has created the perfect storm for whitetails to thrive.

My best hunting memory: I have been so fortunate to hunt and take some of the biggest whitetails to walk the deer woods, but to this day my most fond hunting memory is my first deer hunt with Dad. The anticipation all year practicing, going scouting with my father, setting up a tree stand, and then the excitement that day when finally I was able to draw my bow on a deer for the first time could never be matched. The bond that was strengthened with my dad that night, the memories and lessons learned are things I have been able to carry through my life since then.

Lee Lakosky

The Crush TV

Lee Lakosky

My favorite animal to hunt: Obviously whitetails however, sheep have become a close second and there’s nothing like spot and stalk mule deer hunting!

My favorite place to hunt: Iowa! There’s no place like home! Also, every dime that we have ever made has gone to making our habitat the best it can possibly be!

My best hunting memory: This is a tough one as they all mean something special and I know it will just keep getting better as Cameron and Raygen start hunting with us. I love when Tiffany shot her first deer as she started to share her passion with me. But if I had to pick just one, my Kodiak brown bear was amazing!

Tiffany Lakosky

The Crush TV

Tiffany Lakosky

My favorite animal to hunt: Just like Lee I love to hunt whitetails especially since that was the first animal that I ever harvested and there’s just something about being able to walk out you back door and hunt. But I also love heading out west every fall and have developed a passion for hunting elk!

My favorite place to hunt: Iowa! Just like Lee, there’s no place like home and no other place that I’d rather be hunting especially when I’m with Lee! But I also love the mountains.

My best hunting memory: Every hunt has a memory all of them are great! It’s so hard to just pick one! My favorites always include when Lee and I are out there together no matter if we are successful or not. Of course as our kids get older I know it will just get better as Cameron and Raygen start hunting!

Fred and Michele Eichler

Our favorite animal to hunt: Whatever is in season.

Our favorite place to hunt: At home in Colorado.

Our best hunting memory: Any hunt together as a family.

alli armstrong vaughan

Grace, Camo, and Lace

Alli Armstrong Vaughan

My favorite animal to hunt: Elk. I absolutely love it and have been elk hunting since I was 10 years old. There is nothing better than a being out on a crisp September morning listening to bugling elk.

My favorite place to hunt: Colorado. I’ve elk hunted and mule deer hunted there a lot with our friends at QRS Outdoors. I love the mountains and especially during elk season the Aspen trees are gorgeous.

My best hunting memory: Turkey hunting with my whole family! When my sister and I were younger, both of us and my mom and dad would all get in a Turkey blind to hunt. This is truly where mine, my sister’s, and our mom’s passion for hunting started. I’m incredibly thankful that our dad introduced us to the outdoors and hunting together as a family.

adriana armstrong

Grace, Camo, and Lace

Adriana Armstrong

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail deer in Southern Illinois. There is so much potential to build a great storyline when hunting whitetail. I love watching them grow throughout the summertime and creating a plan on how to hunt them come Fall. This animal has taught me so much about the sport and a lot about patience.

My favorite place to hunt: Southern Illinois and Southern New Mexico. I have been born and raised in Southern Illinois and was first introduced to hunting here. The amount of wildlife in Southern New Mexico is unmatched and offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities.

My best hunting memory: When I had finally connected with a buck I called, “The Lucky Number 7.” He was my target buck of the season and was a huge, river bottom whitetail. I missed him during the first week of bow season in October and then had another encounter with him the next day, but couldn’t get a shot. After that, he went nocturnal until I got a picture of him at 7 o’clock in the morning on my Covert Scouting Camera. My dad and I set a tree stand the next day near that camera and waited for the right wind. The very first morning we got to sit that stand the big 7 pointer showed up and I made a perfect shot to seal the deal.

Nate Hosie

My favorite animal to hunt: For me I love chasin ‘em all but if I had to pick one, it would be turkey in the spring! I just love yelpin at a turkey, the interaction and everything about it. For me it's hard to beat, but Whitetail and Elk are right up there with it! I just love all hunting!

My favorite place to hunt: We are blessed to travel all over this beautiful country and hunt some truly incredible places, but I'd have to say my favorite will always be at home in the PA mountains. Reason being, it's the woods that taught me to be a hunter, to respect animals, the outdoors and all God’s creation. It's just always special to go back to your roots and hunt your home turf.

My best hunting memory: This is a tough one because I have so many memories in the woods I'm thankful for. However, my first buck is very special to me. I was sharing the woods with my grandpa who taught me when I punched my first buck tag. I can remember screaming out loud in the woods I was so pumped, and him hollering at me to hush up because he still had a tag. HA! It's a hunt, a deer, a moment, a memory I will be forever grateful for!

Randy Birdsong

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetails

My favorite place to hunt: My home farm in Missouri.

My best hunting memory: The first time I got to take my little girl Addie Jo to check trail cams on the farm with me.

Cody Robbins


Cody Robbins

My favorite animal to hunt: Alaskan Yukon Moose in the rut.

My favorite place to hunt: Yukon Territory

My best hunting memory: Shooting my largest archery mule deer on September 3, 2011. My wife and my best friend, which are my two favourite hunting partners, were with me. The hunt followed a fairy tale script, and the buck is now the “unofficial archery world record non-typical mule deer”. He scored 294”. It’s a day I will never forget.

Kelsy Robbins

My favorite animal to hunt: A definite toss-up between Elk and Mule deer... I really don’t know if I could choose one or the other! Both are such an incredible adventure in different ways!

My favorite place to hunt: British Columbia, Canada

My best hunting memory: My first Elk. Cody and I were both so out of our element on my first draw tag Elk hunt. We honestly didn’t have a clue what we were doing for the first few days. But after a week we got it figured out and called in a beautiful 6x6, away from his 30 cows. We were both so ramped up, we didn’t get any of the final stalk or the actual shot on video. After I shot him, I turned around to look at Cody and the video camera was lying in the grass behind him. It was such an over the top experience for both of us. It’s the only hunt we’ve ever done together that wasn’t documented on camera.

Gus Congemi

My favorite animal to hunt: Black Bear

My favorite place to hunt: Alaska

My best hunting memory: Alaskan brown bear with my son running the camera. Bear stood up 20 yards away!


My favorite animal to hunt: Pigs

My favorite place to hunt: Texas and Africa

My best hunting memory: Anytime I’m hunting with my son, but specifically JD’s first deer kill at age 7 which was a spike buck he shot here in Texas with a Remington .223 model 7 bolt-action. Another favorite moment of mine was JD’s first bow kill last year with the Muzzy Shank that I designed.

adriana armstrong

Red Rising

Matt Bullins, Chris Ward, Eric Hale, Jason Bowers

My favorite animal to hunt: Definitely Whitetails!

My favorite place to hunt: Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia and, of course, the Midwest.

My best hunting memory: Too many to choose from.

Tim Wells

Relentless Pursuit

Tim Wells

My favorite animal to hunt: Having hunted everything, there’s nothing smarter than a coyote. So for me its hands down the coyote. Knowing I outsmarted the wisest animal and hearing the slock of my arrow hitting a coyote is priceless.

My favorite place to hunt: Arizona. Due primarily to the diversity of abundant predator species. You never know what will step out, from a bobcat, bear, lion, coyote, or one of the numerous fox varieties.

My best hunting memory: Watching my kids harvest their first whitetail with a bow. There is nothing that even comes close for me than the vivid thought of those couple hunts.

 Roger Raglin

My favorite animal to hunt: The whitetail deer. I’ve hunted whitetails in virtually every region of the country and in every scenario you can imagine. They can live on top of the mountains in Mexico to the frozen wastelands of the north country and thrive under any condition hot or cold. They can be found in the most remote backcountry of the rocky mountains and in the small woodlots of housing editions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and every city across the U.S. They are simply a remarkable animal and an animal that anyone in the world can afford to hunt. They offer a challenge and thrill for every sportsman who desires to take off after them each fall. They are the working class American’s big game animal and I love them for it.

My favorite place to hunt: It’s always the next one on the list. As long as I’m out there chasing wild game I’m happy where ever that is. If I just had to pick one place to hunt it would be Texas. There are more whitetail deer in Texas than anywhere else. And that says it all.

My best hunting memory: When I took my first whitetail deer with a bow. And I wasn’t just a pup. I was 28 years old and had just gotten out of college and taken up bow hunting. When I ran an arrow through that doe at 15 yards it was the most exciting thing that I’d ever done in my life as a hunter. It set me on fire inside and that fire hasn’t stopped burning since. I’ve killed 15 Boone & Crockett class whitetail bucks and to this day I still consider that doe the greatest trophy deer I’ve ever taken. I killed over 200 trophy class whitetail bucks since then and that number will grow a bit after this next fall. You can just about count on it.

Tim Andrus

Rush Outdoors

Tim Andrus

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail

My favorite place to hunt: Wyoming

My best hunting memory: Last fall taking the mule deer in this picture in South Dakota.

Mike Stroff

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetails

My favorite place to hunt: Illinois

My best hunting memory: Taking my first deer with my dad in North Carolina when I was 7.

Cody Kelley

My favorite animal to hunt: Turkeys

My favorite place to hunt: Midwest

My best hunting memory: My best hunting memories have always been growing up hunting with my Dad at our deer camp back home. There isn’t nothing better than life at the deer camp.

Keith Burgess

My favorite animal to hunt: Elk

My favorite place to hunt: Colorado

My best hunting memory: My best hunting memory was watching my son, Kai, shoot his first buck with a compound bow. Watching him fall in love with bowhunting just like me is a memory that I will always hold on to!

Chris Ashley

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetails

My favorite place to hunt: Mississippi

My best hunting memory: My favorite hunting memory is growing up hunting the Mississippi River with my dad. The Mississippi River bottoms are special and that is where my dad taught me to hunt. And now my greatest memories are passing that on to my son, Haden and every hunt that we have together.

Bow Madness and Thirteen

Thirteen and Bow Madness

Terry Drury, Mark Drury, Matt Drury, and Taylor Drury Land

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetails

My favorite place to hunt: Iowa

My best hunting memory: Anytime we can hunt with our family always ranks up there with the best memories!

Melissa Bachman

My favorite animal to hunt: Moose and whitetail.

My favorite place to hunt: My favorite place to hunt moose is the Yukon with the northern lights, cool weather and beautiful scenery. For whitetail, its South Dakota.

My best hunting memory: I have a couple! One would be elk hunting 10-days after having Jax on Aug 20 with my husband Ben. We hiked between 10-15 miles a day and hunted the entire month of Sept looking for 2 big bulls. On Sept 27, Ben’s birthday we killed both of those big bulls with our bows. Truly one of the greatest feelings ever until we had to pack them out. Let’s just say my core strength was back after hauling both those bulls out on our back. Best and hardest hunt I’ve ever done considering the conditions. Another awesome memory for me is notching my tag on a 202-inch whitetail back when I was trying to get my start on the hunting industry. I had hunted my entire life but after hunting for over 40-days I was finally able to shoot my biggest archery buck to date. A pack of coyotes actually chased him to me and that will be forever engrained in my head, seeing that big buck run straight to me. This didn’t launch my career by any a stretch but did make me incredibly proud and helped keep me motivated to stay in the hunting industry and never quit. I always joke that there may be better hunters out there, but I will never be out worked! That’s a motto I’ve always lived by and has helped me in many areas.