Tournament Bowfishing Line

Tournament Bowfishing Line

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Muzzy 150# Tournament Bowfishing Line


  • Spool Sized (Enough line to fill a Muzzy reels spool)
  • Color: White
  • Quantity: 150 foot
  • Test: 150 pound

Muzzy Tournament Line is the standard on all our Muzzy Reels. Now you can buy a spool sized refill to replace your line when the need arises. If your reel is having line flow issues, gets overly twisted, or you are below 80% capacity, be sure to re-spool your reel and get back to worry-free bowfishing.

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1 Review

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    Best Line for Tournaments

    Posted by Kenzie Taylor on Feb 25th 2019

    This line is exactly what it says it is, tournament line! When spooled on you have the strong holding strength in bowfishing line that you need, but also enough on your reel that you can let that 50lb fish or bigger, run and tire out to put the back up shots in! Absolutely hands down my favorite line to use!