• 166 XSD In-Out Insert Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    .166 XSD In-Out Insert

    Carbon Express .166 XSD In-Out Insert The Carbon Express® XSD In-Out Insert .166 is designed specifically for .166 diameter shafts. This small diameter shaft requires an insert like this to fit most points. The XSD In-Out insert also give you...

  • 203 Half-Out Insert Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    .203 Half-Out Insert

    Carbon Express .203 Half-Out Insert The Carbon Express® Half-Out Insert .203 is designed for smaller diameter shafts which not only provides a great fit for most points, it also give you the added weight forward most archers desire.  This...

  • .234/.244 CX Inserts Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    .234/.244 CX Inserts

    Carbon Express .234/.244 Inserts The screw in insert allows for the use of any standard screw-in field point or broadhead. Regular insert (Arrows ID .244) is 11 grains.Comes 12 per package. Insert #0     Model Weight...

  • Amped-XS TCX Green Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Amped-XS TCX Nock

    Carbon Express Amped-XS TCX Nock for Predator / Amped-XS Arrows Features: Fits Predator II Arrows 700-800 Spines Fits Predator II Youth Arrows 700-800 Spine Fits Amped-XS Arrows Available in: White or Green 12 per pack White | SKU: 50177...

  • Weight Adjustment Wrench Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Weight Adjustment Wrench

    Carbon Express Weight Adjustment Wrench Features: Easily change the screw-in weights on large diameter target shafts Inserts in the nock end of shaft to avoid removing points Works on all Carbon Express threaded point weights with a 3 mm allen...