Colored Knobs & Decals

SURE-LOC ONE Colored Knobs & Decals

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Knobs and Decals


SURE-LOC ONE Colored Knobs & Decals


  • Personalize your SURE-LOC One sight with colored knobs and sight decals.
  • 6 colors to choose from! Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink.
  • Only for use with the SURE-LOC ONE
  • Includes: mounting block knob, LBA knob, windage and elevation knobs, indicator pin adjustment knob, and elevation scale.

Black | SKU: SLCKDONEBLACK | UPC: 70264910209
Green | SKU: SLCKDONEGREEN | UPC: 70264910213
Orange | SKU: SLCKDONEORANGE | UPC: 70264910212
Pink | SKU: SLCKDONEPINK | UPC: 70264910211