Steel Warhead SS

Steel Warhead SS

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New for 2018!!

Steel Warhead SS Broadhead


  • 2 Blade Expandable
  • 100 Grain
  • Hybrid Cut-on-Contact
  • Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .035" thick blades
  • 1 1/2" Cutting Diameter
  • Over the top blade deployment
  • Weight impregnated substrate
  • Vertical and Crossbow versions
  • 3 per Package

The new Rocky Mountain Warhead SS features a precision-machined compact stainless steel ferrule with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and a hybrid-tip design that cuts on contact, yet has the strength to bust through bone. The durable 0.035-inch-thick stainless steel blades are securely held in place during flight and reliably jackknife open on contact to administer huge wounds and excellent blood trails. Available in 100 grains for both vertical and crossbows.

SKU: RM56005 | UPC: 818322012256

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    warhead ss

    Posted by Derrick D on Aug 15th 2018

    Upon seeing these broad heads in the package I initially thought they resembled a rage hypodermic in a lot of ways minus the sliding blades. I wanted to try them so I picked up a couple packs. Upon pulling them out of the package I was impressed with the tip it is a very sturdy looking head. I screwed it on my arrow and shot it about 5 shots which all 5 shots were in a small circle the size of a quarter which was also within a 1/4 inch from the hole made by my field point. Accuracy on these were great. They penetrated well through the block and opened nicely upon entrance into the block. Surprised how you could hear the blades smack open when they hit the block target. Durability on these heads look great. Initial impression is very very good for these heads. I am anxious to try them out on a whitetail this fall. Overall 4 stars for now, but could be a 5 depending on penetration, blood trail, etc. Only downfall to the rocky broad head line is they do not send extra o rings for them. I think they need to send at least 5 extra for every head in the pack. Only comes with the one on the broad head. Awesome little sharp heads though I highly suggest trying them!