SEAR Back Tension Red

SEAR Back Tension

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TruFire SEAR Back Tension


  • Fully Machined Components
  • Heavy Brass Handle
  • Adjustable Hot / Cold Setting
  • 4 sided Sear with Variable Click Options
  • Adjustable Fourth Finger Positioning
  • 3 Position Adjustable Thumb Placement


Orange | SKU: BTO | UPC: 045437034327
Red | SKU: BTR | UPC: 045437034334
Green | SKU: BTG | UPC: 045437034341
Blue | SKU: BTB | UPC: 045437034631
Silver | SKU: BTS | UPC: 045437034648

5 Reviews

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    Posted by Robert Wright on Feb 14th 2020

    I’ve owned about 7 hinge releases all being TruBall which I’d have to say I liked all of them. Decided just for fun to try the Sear. Lots of adjustments like no other. if you learn how to adjust the Sear, and try each setting, you can really set this perfect just for you. That would make buying and trying many hinges unnecessary.

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    SEAR Back Tension

    Posted by Erik P. Nielsen - Pro Staff Shooter - 1400 Star World Archery record on Nov 2nd 2019

    Great gravity handle (heavy metal) and smooth, rounded edges that gives a nice and comfortable feel, like finger nr. 6 - you don't have to think or comply with any odd design, it feels natural in your hand and adjustability of the 4 different position for no click, little "valley" and big valley is good. I prefer it 3-fingered, but you can go for 4-fingers with the extra piece that adjust your SEAR to 4-finger version

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    Great Back Tension Release

    Posted by Bill Lewis on Aug 12th 2019

    This BT release has it all. Weight, adjustability, and very comfortable in the hand. 2 sizes and multiple colors to choose from.

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    Versatility of the release for both hunting and target

    Posted by Hal Raines on Jul 8th 2019

    This is my go to release now for both hunting and target. It has multiple clicker/sear options and I utilize both. I like the shortest clicker option for all my tournament shooting but I also use the same release for hunting. I just move the clicker/sear to option from the shortest to the next option and that increases the amount of pull required for the shot to execute. I don't want the release to fire with the same sensitivity it does on a target so this release is perfect for both worlds. Shoot 4 deer last year with this setup and it worked great. Recommend for anyone who wants a smooth consistent target backtension release and may consider it for hunting too.

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    Many options positions clicks finger combinations

    Posted by Don France on Mar 8th 2019

    I found this release to be great quality and smoothly machined so it feels right in the is solid in heft, you feel it right away. Takes some directions to see how to adjust the timing but 20 minutes or so wrenching and trying had it figured out pretty easy, really. Personally, I really like how this handle is convertable to 4 finger or 3. 2 fingers hold is my preference with the ring finger tucked behind the handle and seems to be comfortable. The sear travel is clean smooth for a surprise type shot. Used this release with a string loop and hook up faster with a deeper string hook. Someone put a lot of design into this.