• SideWinder EVO Deluxe Arm Band Quick view


    SideWinder EVO Deluxe Arm Band

    S4Gear SideWinder EVO Deluxe Arm Band Keep your SideWinder EVO equipped with your rangefinder within easy reach on your arm or leg with the Deluxe Arm Band Mount. The EVO nests perfectly into the custom molded armband and locks tightly into place...

  • SideWinder EVO Multi-Device Kit Quick view


    SideWinder EVO Multi-Device Kit

    S4Gear SideWinder EVO Multi-Device Kit This kit allows you to have multiple devices outfitted for use with your Sidewinder EVO tether system (sold separately). Have your Rangefinder and GPS both ready to go in a pack and simply swap the units in...

  • SideWinder EVO Tubular Mount Quick view


    SideWinder EVO Tubular Mount

    S4Gear SideWinder EVO Tubular Mount Fits on square or round tubes ranging from 3/4" to 1" in diameter. Using the rotating mounting system, the SideWinder EVO easily attaches to:   ATV/UTVs Golf Carts Bicycles Tree Stand Frames Snowmobiles Fork...