RM370 Crossbow Kit

RM-370 Black Crossbow Kit

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Rocky Mountain RM-370 "Black" Crossbow Kit

Color: Black


  • Adjustable Foregrip

  • Anti-Dry-Fire Trigger
  • Repeatable accuracy
  • 195 pound Draw Weight
  • 370 feet-per-second
  • 135 ft. lbs. of Kinetic Energy
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • String Length: 33 1/4"
  • Cable Length: 18 5/16"

*Not compatible with the Quiet Crank Winch System

Ready to Hunt Kit Includes:

  • Crossbow
  • 3 crossbow bolts
  • 3 Field points - 100 grain
  • 4x32 Scope
  • Quick-detach 3 bolt quiver with side mount
  • Rope cocker
  • Rail lubricant

WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.

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3 Reviews

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    Surprisingly solid crossbow

    Posted by Colleen on Oct 8th 2021

    I bought this bow with low expectations, after all it's a $250 crossbow. But after receiving it and giving it a try I am quite pleased with it, especially at this price point. Fit and finish is not absolutely perfect, but still quite good for a product in this price range. Assembly was very simple. The aluminum barrel is a well made extrusion. The trigger is definitely vague compared to a rifle or a high end bow, but it's still quite usable. It shoots smoothly and is fairly quiet. I found out the hard way that shooting a bow this fast definitely requires a good target after stripping fletchings from my first bolt that blew straight through the target. This thing is FAST! Accuracy is quite good at 50 yards, and I did destroy one bolt out of three with a robin hood hit. My only gripe is the scope. The optics are very poor quality with lots of edge distortion and both turrets on mine are labeled for adjusting left to right. It is still usable, and the reticle is pretty solid. It's a freebie really, so I can't complain too much, but a vortex or nightforce it isn't. Personally I'd much rather pay $10 less for this package without the scope. All in all it's a lot of bow for the money and I am very pleased with my purchase.

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    RM 370

    Posted by Craig on Sep 30th 2021

    very fast for such a light crossbow

  • 4
    Rocky mtn rm370

    Posted by Wayne j on Sep 27th 2021

    Great bow, feels great and the balance is spot on. I Have not hunted with it yet but it feels great and it's very fast and accurate.. rested I can average 1 inch groups at 20 yards and close to the same at 40 yards. My only complaint is the child like scope that comes with it.i didn't even bother to mount it and upgraded to a excalibur dead zone... all in all I'd recommend this crossbow to anyone getting into hunting or a seasoned pro... awesome crossbow. Great job rocky mtn wayne j Alberta Canada